Cards Make It Personal And Create Great Relationships!

With all the bad news on television and in the media, it’s refreshing to receive a card or a letter from time to time.

Cards instantly say there’s someone thinking about us.

That is why Send out Cards has been so successful, taking home based business’s to a whole new level. And what’s so amazing about this company is they do the majority of the work for you.

The compensation plan is top of the line, and there are seven exciting ways to earn money!

Customer Direct Retail Profits:

This includes a direct sale of a distributor’s cards from their card bank to a retail customer. The customer pays distributor directly for cards and use of the system.

Example: On Father’s Day you might send a card from your card bank for a friend to their father and charge him $3.00 for the card.

This also includes direct sale of an Annual Account Pre-Paid Greeting Card from a distributor to a retail customer. A distributor uses points and stamps from their account to purchase the Annual Account card and then sells it to a customer for a profit. (Typically $10.00 to $15.00 per card.) A great way to sell Annual Account Cards is through Club Fundraisers. Fundraiser kits are available and there is a sample in your distributor kit.

Retail Profits from Preferred Customers (Paid Monthly)

Preferred Customers receive a License free when they start an Auto ship. They may purchase an Annual Account Card and points directly from their distributor at a cost of $25.00 per Annual Account and $0.49 per point. (A greeting card uses 2 points and a postcard uses 1 point. A picture upload uses 1 point.) These purchases are credited to the qualified distributors account. Volume commissions are paid on the points sold and retail bonus is paid on a monthly basis.

Coaching Bonus from New Distributor Accounts (Paid Weekly)

A customer may purchase a Wholesale Package Plus! for $298.00 and receive a coaching session, wholesale pricing on points with an Auto Order, and Picture Plus. Distributor receives a $120.00 bonus after coaching the customer on the system. Distributors also receive Coaching bonuses from System License sales from people in their down line organizations.

Coaching Bonus from New Distributor Accounts (Paid Weekly)

An individual may purchase an Entrepreneur Package Plus! for $398.00. This package includes a System License, a Treat me Right Seminar and a Distributor kit. This person will be coached by the qualified distributor that introduced them to the program. The coaching distributor will receive a $120.00 coaching bonus. Distributors also receive coaching bonuses from coaching sessions that take place throughout their down line organizations. Down line coaching bonuses range from $15.00 to $50.00 per coaching session.

Treat em Right Seminar Bonus (Paid Weekly)

Qualified Distributors will receive bonuses when people in their organizations attend a Treat em Right Seminar. Treat’emRight Seminar Attendance bonuses range from $5.00 to $30.00 per attendee.

7-level Volume Bonus paid on Greeting Cards Sold (Paid Monthly)

Qualified Distributors will receive bonuses on 7 levels of sales activity from their distributor group.

Leadership Volume Bonus paid on Greeting Cards Sold (Paid Monthly)

Qualified Distributors will receive leadership volume bonuses on unlimited levels within a leadership group. Leadership volume bonuses range between 5% and 25% depending on the leadership ranks that have been earned