Edmunds: Car value myths, busted owner bargain value value myths

You’ve probably heard over the years a number of tips or myths regarding the value of your car. They might involve how quickly a new vehicle depreciates, for instance, or the biggest factor that influences the value of your used vehicle. But are they true, especially this year because of new pandemic-related market trends? Edmunds’ experts analyzed the most popular car value myths to find the truth behind them.


True. “The first hit on the car is basically immediate,” said Richard Arca, director of vehicle valuations and analytics for Edmunds.

If you traded in your vehicle within a week or so, you’re losing the sales tax and fees you paid on the car — about 11%. Plus, the dealership will offer you less since the car is no longer new and it needs to make a profit on

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How blocks of bush land are selling for the price of a car as people turn their backs on city life

Regional blocks of land are being sold for as little as $23,000 as city slickers move away from urban centres to seek a simpler life in the country in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic, large scale unemployment and an enormous increase in working from home has seen thousands of Australians look for properties away from big cities.

Prospective buyers are searching for locations based on lifestyle requirements, leading many to look into regional, coastal and country lots to develop their dream home.

Real estate agents outside of Australia’s major cities have noted a dramatic increase in city-based clients looking for a change of scenery, with cheap empty lots not far from urban centres providing potential dream locations for buyers.

Thousands of Australians are looking to move to regional areas away from cities where lots like 6 View Street in Lalbert in northern Victoria are being offered for $23,500 (pictured)

6 Park Road in Kerang is around three hours drive from Melbourne and is being offered for $30,000, offering huge potential for a new start

6 Park

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A Strategy for Buying Elite Businesses at Bargain Prices

Even elite businesses with juicy dividends suffer share price selloffs from time to time.


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Sometimes, these selloffs are caused by short-term, solvable problems within the individual companies.

Sometimes, these selloffs are caused because the overall stock market goes down in value.

These selloffs are almost always opportunities to buy these firms at bargain prices and start collecting steady dividend payments.

When you spend money on any big purchase, like a home or a car, you want to pay a good price. You want to get value for your dollar.

When you buy a car, you want to pay a good price. When you buy a house, you want to pay a good price. You don’t want to overpay. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by getting ripped off.

Yet… when people invest, the idea of paying a good price is often cast aside.

They get excited about a

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Best Shark Prime Day Deals 2020: Cheap Cordless and Robot Vacuums

Keeping the home clean can be tough, especially around the holidays. Between the leaves and mud from outside, the relatives coming by for a visit, and the crumbs from holiday cookies, it can feel impossible. Shark’s lineup of robotic and cordless vacuums can give you the edge you need. Keep an eye out for the best Shark Prime Day deals here this Prime Day.

Today’s Best Shark Prime Day Deals

The best Shark vacuums

Shark has a wide range of powerful, impressive vacuum cleaners that worth checking out.

One of the best is the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL. This robot vacuum cleaner can empty itself out after it finishes a job, eliminating the need for you to intervene in between cleaning. It holds up to 30 days of dirt in the bag, and the self-cleaning brush removes both pet hair and long human hair. You don’t have to worry

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Best Prime Day Home & Kitchen Deals

Amazon Prime Day is an amazing opportunity to upgrade your space with the best prime day deals on home and kitchen items. This year it’s even bigger and better than Black Friday, so stock up now and actually enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers rather than battling the online masses for deals that might not even be as good as the ones you’ll find on Amazon this October.

Not a Prime Member? Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

You have from midnight PT on Tuesday, October 13, until Wednesday, October 14 to score the best products at the lowest prices that will help turn your home and kitchen into the cozy abode of your dreams.

Our lists are constantly updated with new appliances to up your home cooking game, brilliant ways to keep your space clean, and more home and kitchen essentials that are up

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How to buy a car on auction without being taken for a ride

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There is good news for those who are feeling the financial pinch, but still need to purchase a reliable and affordable vehicle.

And that is that vehicles that have been repossessed for public auction, can currently be secured at discounts of up to 78% — and these discounts may even expand further in the near future.

Quoting industry experts, Business Insider has said this week that while there may be great discounts currently available for bargain hunters at repossession auctions, repossessed vehicles do however present risks — including that a buyer may end up with a dud.  

At the outset, the first way to ensure the best possible deal when purchasing a repossessed vehicle, is to try and select or make a bid for a vehicle which is still under a warranty or which still has

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Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals: Business Bargain Hunter’s top picks

Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale event can feel super overwhelming. 

Also: Prime Day: How and when to find the best deals

There are over 80,000 items on sale this year. Some are legitimate, while others should be ignored. So, to help you get the most out of Prime Day, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, ZDNet is rounding up only the best deals. In this guide, we’ve selected items that professionals, remote workers, and commuters might find interesting.

We’ll regularly update this guide over Oct. 13 and Oct. 14 with deals as we find them. If you’d like to find more consumer-focused deals, as well as some tips and tricks, check out our Prime Day hub, where we’ll provide you with plenty of resources so that you can master Amazon’s 48-hour blowout sale. Hopefully, with our help, you won’t miss a deal.

Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 tech deals

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Unbelievable Prime Day Deals That Are Cheap AF

You’ve been waiting all year for it: Amazon Prime Day 2020 has arrived! From midnight PT on Tuesday October 13 through Wednesday October 14, there will be thousands of deals going live around the clock. Deals so incredible, in fact, that many will be bigger and better than the ones you’ll find on Black Friday. And because the deals are timed and stock is limited, you’ll want to be prepared to add to cart as soon as a new one catches your eye.

Not a Prime Member? Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the massive selection, though, so to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled all the best Prime Day deals into one place. However, below is where you’ll find some of the most unbelievable sales happening right this very second— plus

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11 Amazon Prime perks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Due in large part to the pandemic, more Americans than ever are “priming it.” That is, jumping on Amazon and using their Prime membership to get free two-day shipping on purchases.

Annual Prime membership costs $119. You can pay $12.99 monthly, but this will cost you $37 more per year. I’m not too fond of auto-renewals. Under your Prime Account settings, there is an option to get an email reminder three days before your membership renews.

Many people don’t know that you can get a free account if you shop Amazon for your business. It doesn’t come with perks like free videos. However, you will have access to multiple payment options, business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Learn more about how to register for your free Amazon Business account at this link.

There are other ways to save on your Prime membership. Two adult households do not need two Prime memberships.

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1970 Dodge Charger 500 Project Car Barn Find Sells For Bargain

⚡️ Read the full article on Motorious

This car needs a lot of work, but are you surprised that it only sold for $12,500?

Putting a value on a car that needs this much work is near impossible, but this Charger was recently sold on eBay for only $12,500, which has us scratching our heads a little. Although, this is a little reporting in reverse, the car runs, and you’d think that would be enough to boost the price of this Dodge Charger 500, a bit. Now, we’re somewhat wondering if the used car boom is leading people to back off of project cars right now, or maybe it’s a shortage of raw materials to make car parts needed to restore it?

We strongly stand by the idea that a collector car/vintage/classic, what have you, is worth exactly as much as someone will pay for it, but this seems like

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