Two teenage girls and driver, 21, killed after car hit tree ‘while overtaking at 90mph’

One friend, who was laying flowers at the scene, said: “I know Lucy who died and Nathan who was in the passenger seat.

“Nathan is hospital in Birmingham with a bleed on his brain. He’s having surgery because he’s also got a damaged spine.

“He [Josh] was going over 90mph and coming up behind another car. He overtook it and as he swerved back into the lane he lost control and went into the tree.

“I’m not sure why they were going that fast. I haven’t a clue. Some say there was an undercover police officer at the scene or there was another car behind that was trying to race them.”

The friend added: “Lucy never hurt anyone. She was a lovely girl. She had started a new job and was sorting her life out, but now she’s lost it.

“She had done accounting at college and started an apprenticeship.

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As Electric Cars Reach Europe’s Mainstream, Expect Some Inconvenient Facts

Sales of electric cars are booming in Europe and as they become ubiquitous, some home truths will be unavoidable.

According to Brussels-based green lobby group Transport & Environment (T&E), sales of mainly battery electric vehicles (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will account for 10% of sales in Europe this year, and 15% next year. That compares with just 3% in 2019.

The surge in mainly BEVs compares with the disastrous but probably temporary dive in internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles. But the rapid acceleration in sales means electric cars are moving away from early adopter buyers who are rich, to more mainstream and value seeking sections of the market.  

These “cheaper” BEVs still cost more than twice as much as their ICE equivalents

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Bouncy house inventor made children laugh, will now do the same for car collectors

Every time a child has jumped for joy over the past few years, a little more jingle went into the pocket of bouncy house inventor Bob Regehr. And that money, in turn, went into his car collection, which is now headed for auction.

The bounty from the bouncy house, aka the Moon Walk, that Regehr invented in 1968 provided a financial boost as he amassed a collection of what at one time was 226 cars and a whole lot of parts. Up until then, he ran a filling station and would spot the cars in town he liked, eventually buying them off his customers.

Randy Lorentzen’s tale of putting Regehr’s compulsion into some semblance of order is a fascinating read published in a 2009 issue of Hot Rod magazine. He also offers details on some of the vehicles that will cross the auction block now that Bob Regehr’s gone.

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The best cheap car insurance in Connecticut

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

Connecticut is ranked the ninth-most expensive state for car insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute, with the average driver spending about $1,168.33 per year on premiums. 

Connecticut drivers have a big opportunity to save if they’re willing to shop around. Auto insurance costs can vary widely from person to person, and there are many factors that go into them.

Things like your age, gender, and your credit score can all influence your premium, or the amount you’ll pay for coverage. Each company uses a different formula to consider these factors into your price, so you’ll want to get a few different quotes to see which company offers you the

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Analysis: Why the UK car market is healthier than it looks

Sean Kelly, managing director of Vines, a family-owned BMW and Mini dealer group, described September as “nuts” and reported that in the early weeks of the month, sales were running up 30% year on year.

So why the contradiction? Neither manufacturers nor retailers are keen to talk about this, but it’s clear that two factors came into play later in September.

Firstly, due to factory shutdowns and manpower restrictions caused by social distancing even in operational factories, there was a stock shortage. Secondly, as a result of that shortage, manufacturers largely (but not entirely) took the decision not to force registrations into the market through profit-eating pre-registration activity (where a new car is registered as a sale but then sold at a discount later on as a nearly new model) and short-term rental activity.

After all, why force volumes at low-to-non-existent profit margins when there’s no pressure from the factories

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Freddie Flintoff tackles Wall of Death in insurance write-off car on Top Gear

Freddie Flintoff

Freddie Flintoff wrestles with an insurance write-off Maserati on the Wall of Death in a new clip from the upcoming episode of Top Gear.

The TV star attempts circuits on the vertical face of the wall at Alexandra Palace, north London.

In the episode, Flintoff and co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris are convinced they have found a way of landing cheap performance cars, each buying a written-off model for less than £6,000.

After a trio of challenges at the Top Gear Test Track – including an inaugural game of Car Park Musical Chairs, where they meet Britain’s most reckless drivers, the Stig’s Teenage Cousins – the presenters are ordered to make their cars road legal and report to Alexandra Palace, where the Top Gear producers have constructed a huge Wall of Death.

As Flintoff begins the challenge, Harris says: “I think he has the worst vehicle for

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Tesla Model 3 Price Too High? Dirt-Cheap Used Electric Cars Can Be Good Deals

The used EV has arrived.

It was only nine years ago that the first won’t-break-the-bank electric cars arrived.

Those non-Tesla EVs — like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt — weren’t priced at $80,000 like the Model S and the first- and second- generations of those cars have been hitting the used car market over the last several years.

And with a Long Range 2020 Tesla Model 3 starting at about $47,000, “dirt cheap” for an EV is anything under $20,000.

A couple of the better sites for used EVs are MYEV and CarGurus.

Most of the used EVs cited below are first- and second-generation electrics that were sold roughly between 2011 and 2017.

Note: all prices are based on a used vehicle

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The Worst Car Interiors of the Year

(Bloomberg) — This is not a list of bad cars.

The Chevrolet Corvette, the McLaren 570S, and Lotus Evora, for example, are among the most athletic, fun-to-drive vehicles on the market today.

But the ability to provide a thrilling experience from behind the wheel doesn’t mean a car sailed through the interior design portion of the test. Engineering prowess doesn’t always transfer to the cabin. Pity the afterthought! Much more than things to drive, cars have become the spaces in which we work, preen, eat, nap, detox, and even learn. A good interior, from driver’s seat to backseat, facilitates all that. A bad one actively gets in the way.

The interior of a car, in fact, is the most critical element of the entire driving and riding experience. It’s the only place where the body (hands, feet, back, legs) actually connects with the vehicle. The comfort of the space, the

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Mumbai man dupes 25 of Rs 3 crore for cheap homes, held | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: A 36-year-old Commerce graduate who fled to Nashik after duping at least 25 home-buyers of over Rs 3 crore after promising them flats at 25% discount from the bank that had sealed them as people failed to pay EMIs, was arrested on Wednesday.
Crime branch (unit XII) laid a trap after tracking down Sachin Borde in Nashik by posing as a customer buying bank-seized cars at a discount. Borde used to take an advance payment to pay the bank after showing them a fake letter of the flat.
Borde, from Dahisar, fled a year back along with his wife, after duping people from Andheri to Mira Road in 2017-19. A case was registered by MHB Colony police on May 2 during lockdown after victims failed to contact Borde.
DCP (crime I) Akbar Pathan supervised inspector Mahesh Tawde, assistant inspectors Vikram Kadam and Atul Avhad, sub-inspector Hemant Gite and staff
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The Saudi Arabia of Lithium Has a Calming Message for Car Makers


Photographer: Cristobal Olivares/Bloomberg

The nation sitting on half the world’s lithium reserves has a calming message for electric car makers: tougher environmental oversight won’t threaten future production of the metal used to make batteries.

Chile’s environmental regulator is working with other agencies to devise a plan for strengthening supervision of mining companies that pump out hundreds of liters a second of lithium-laced brine from beneath the Atacama salt flat. Under pressure from investors and customers, miners are already investing millions to reduce their footprint and they too say that shouldn’t constrain output.

While the main objective is to mitigate the impact on the fragile ecosystem and local communities, the new integrated approach to oversight shouldn’t jeopardize production in an era in which sustainability is a starting point, said Cristobal de La Maza, who heads the agency known as SMA. The Chilean expansion plans of Albemarle Corp.

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