Chinese auto company releases electric car with ‘Warm Man Mode’ feature targeted at ‘oriental women’

A Chinese car company is gaining attention for its marketing of a new electric vehicle designed for women.

The battery-powered Ora Ballet Cat is made by Great Wall Motors, a Baoding-based automobile manufacturer in Heibei Province, and is loaded with features “specially designed for oriental women,” according to the company.

The Volkswagen Beetle-inspired electric vehicle comes in a pastel color scheme that is meant to go along with its retro design. It also includes vanity mirrors with LED ring lighting.

When you look up, the intimate LED super-sized makeup mirror is in front of you, and the light source gear specially designed for oriental women illuminates the skin, and the makeup effect is more perfect,” Great Wall Motors’ Ora brand wrote.

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The Ora Ballet Cat, which is built with “ergonomics shaped around smaller female frames,” also has a “Lady Driving Mode” that uses a voice-activated automatic parking system and automatically increases the distance between the vehicle and the car ahead of it.

Another feature of the Ora Ballet Cat is “Warm Man Mode,” which was specifically added to provide comfort to drivers suffering from menstrual discomfort.

When menstruating, one can feel cold and therefore panic,” the company explained. “So what does Warm Man Mode do? It turns up the heating and the air conditioning with one-click, ‘to warm the body and mind.’”

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Great Wall Motors also offers the Ora Punk Cat, a Volkswagen Beetle-inspired model that is not directly marketed toward women.


Featured Image via China Auto Show

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