Contract Hire and Car Leasing – Choosing The Right Vehicle Leasing

It is well documented that car leasing can be financially beneficial for both businesses and for the general public – but it is easy to get bogged down with all the different options that are available to you. This short guide is intended to cut through the jargon and offer you reasonable tips for choosing the correct car lease or contract hire deal for you or your company.

Choosing Contract Hire

Contract hire is a vehicle leasing contract that is incredibly versatile – whether you are a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership. The greatest advantage of contract hire is that you will only pay a fixed rental on a month by month basis and usually included in the package is the service and (should you need it) the repair of the vehicle you have chosen. It is wise to be sure that this is included in any offers or deals that you look at as you will avoid any unexpected costs regarding the vehicle. Contact hire is generally offered on 18 – 48 month contracts, at which time you should be able to return the car to the lender with no hidden costs.

Choosing Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Often offered on a 2 year – 4 year deal, personal contract purchase is available to most people with a good credit rating. It is similar to other forms of lease in that you will pay an initial low amount and this will be followed by fixed monthly payments. At the end of the agreed contract you will be able to hand the car back to the lender – or, if you prefer, you may pay to keep the car.

Choosing Personal Contract Hire

Like personal contract purchase the personal contract hire is usually offered on a 2 – 4 year basis and is the perfect option for companies that provide employees of a certain stature a personal car allowance – but not a company car. as with most deals you should ensure that maintenance, service and repair are offered as part of the deal and that you can hand the vehicle back over at the end of your agreement with no hidden final payments.

These are the initial types of vehicle lease and car leasing that you will want to look at when you make your initial enquiries about vehicle lease, there are other options available to you (if for example you are a new company or you have a bad credit rating) and you may wish to enquire about:

* Non Status Contacts or Sub Prime Contracts

* Lease Purchase

* Hire Purchase

The best kind of contract hire or car lease is one that is specifically tailored to your needs. It is, therefore, crucial that you endeavor to find a company that is willing to talk you through the specifics of your needs and offer you the hire that is right for you or your company rather than opt for an all encompassing cheap deal.