Convertible Cars – Form Vs Function

Driving a convertible is, in many ways, an extension of the very principles that make up the American dream. After all, what says “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” more than driving down the freeway with the top down and the wind in your hair? Naturally, car enthusiasts adore a well-made convertible, but even those who are usually indifferent towards cars indulge in a little convertible fantasy from time to time. If you’re serious about buying a convertible, however, you may be at a loss as to how to begin narrowing down the field of contenders in order to make your selection. The two main considerations when evaluating convertibles are form and function.

Everyone knows that looks are a big part of the reason why convertibles have remained popular for decades; they are the ultimate “see and be seen” car. With their sleek lines and aerodynamic design, convertibles are eye-catching cars indeed. High-end models and classics, in particular, are not for wallflowers! When you drive a brand new BMW, for instance, you can expect to turn some heads; same goes for a classic Chevy Caprice. But you don’t have to break your budget in order to find a convertible that will appeal to your inner car lover. Instead, examine the makes and models within your price range and see which ones appeal to you aesthetically.

As far as function is concerned, since many (but not all) convertibles are expensive luxury cars, you can expect them to handle beautifully. If your main concern is simply enjoying the ride rather than reveling in the fun factor that accompanies cruising with the top down, you may be a devotee of function rather than form. If you want a convertible that will truly perform, do a little comparison shopping ahead of time, and always take your potential purchase for a test drive before opening your wallet.

Whether you favor form or function, you should know that many of today’s convertibles don’t force you to choose between the two. Now you can have it all: A high performance, top of the line vehicle that also gives you the freedom to put the top down and feel the sun on your face while you enjoy the ride. Don’t compromise! You can find the car of your dreams with just a bit of additional effort. You owe it to yourself to make your convertible dreams come true.