Do Car Reputations Bother You?

Now, when it comes to buying a new car many of us have manufacturers that we prefer, whether it’s because you’ve had one of their models before or because they have a good image. However, many of us also have cars that we always swear to stay well clear of. More often than not this is because of the car’s image in the media, sometimes it may be because you’ve had a particularly bad experience with one if the models in the past.

Take Skoda for example – a decade ago they had a notoriously bad image in the automotive world and many motorists wouldn’t touch a Skoda with a bargepole. In the early 90’s Volkswagen took over the brand – and Volkswagen have a really good image for reliability and quality. The Skodas that are manufactured today are well-built, quality vehicles. Some are practically a Volkswagen with a Skoda badge – which is why they are more affordable. The British Police even use them as police cars which must mean something.

However, there are still many motorists who are wary of buying a Skoda because of their bad reputation. For those who can now see past that image of old – they can actually get themselves a really decent car for a really good price.

Kia is another motoring brand which are seen as being ‘cheap’ and having a bad build quality. However, if you look at the current Kia line-up you will see a visible difference. The likes of the Soul and Cee’d are larger, look safer and better-built. Motorists just need to see the cars instead of the reputation and they will find themselves a bargain!

Does the badge affect you?