Dusseldorf Bulldozer: What’s That Again?

What’s a Düsseldorf bulldozer? You’ve probably never heard of this before, but it could actually refer to several things. It could be a name of a German football team, or it could refer to dozers made in Düsseldorf, Germany. Komatsu, for instance, has a manufacturing facility in Düsseldorf. So, the next time you hear about a Düsseldorf bulldozer, it basically refers to a heavy equipment machine.

Specifically speaking, a bulldozer refers to a type of heavy-duty vehicle that’s used for pushing rock and soil piles and move them to different target locations. It’s armed with a front metal plate, also called as a blade, and a back ripper blade. It has wide chain-like iron tracks that keep the whole vehicle afloat on muddy and soft grounds and maneuver through rough terrains with relative ease. Dozers are used in different applications, like clearing agricultural lands or forests and construction projects.

A dozer wouldn’t be a dozer if it weren’t for its two main tools, which are the blade and ripper. Depending on your purpose, dozer blades are available in three distinct varieties. A Straight blade (S blade) is ideal for fine grading because of its short, curve-less design and non-existent side wings. A Universal blade, alternatively, is used to carry large and heavy loads of soil and other earth debris. It has a well-defined and long curved blade with side wings. The SU blade is a combination of both and is use for shoving rock piles.

A ripper shank looks like a claw-like metal blade that’s attached at the back of a tractor-type dozer. It could have one or more teeth and can be arranged as a single or multiple shank system. A single system ripper shank is mostly preferred because of its ability to dig deeper into the ground. Rippers are actually responsible for breaking down ground rocks into smaller pieces, so that it’s easier for dozers to maneuver and level the ground.

A decent and functional Düsseldorf bulldozer is also judged by the type and power of its diesel engine and hydraulic pumps. If you’re planning to use this for heavy or different applications, it’s recommended to choose one that has at least 100hp to 400 hp engines, but it’s going to cost you extra. Most reputable manufacturers out there, such as Caterpillar and John Deere, fit their dozers with a 70hp-200hp engine and up with 4 hydraulic arms controlling the function of the blade.

Aside from its features, it’s also important that you identify the accessibility of a manufacturer’s service centers. It’s really not good for the business to have an idle dozer just because no one is qualified to fix it. So, whether you’re going to buy a popular dozer brand or an unknown one, like a Düsseldorf bulldozer, make sure to check the availability of additional resources and excellent technical assistance and information.