Five Methods For Successfully Buying a Used Or New Vehicle

You have done all the research, you know which type of car you would like to buy, you have worked out the budget and prepared all of the finance, however where should you go to buy your new car or used car? With so many different ways to buy a car, what are the options and where is the best place to go that will suit you.

Dealers Yard

Main automobile dealers provide you with new or new low mileage vehicles. You may consider checking out the main dealers first if that is the type of car you are looking for as they provide better service and adhere to consumer rights. You are actually well protected with main dealers, though you do pay a bit more for the car.

Older vehicles are best found at independent dealers. The service and quality will certainly vary on the place you go, so it is best to do a little research about the warranty terms and conditions before you go.

The Private Classifieds

Looking through the private classifieds can be a great way to find a bargain, however be careful as many unscrupulous sellers can be lurking in the pages, along with traders posing as private sellers.

If you do buy an automobile privately there are less consumer rights and thus less protection. You will need to keep a copy of the advertisement in case there are any claims you need to make against the seller. The ad can be evidence. You also want to check the V5 to ensure the vehicle you are looking at goes with the address you have gone to.

Vehicle Supermarket

Supermarkets for cars are becoming more popular. It is quite easy to find one that is located close to you. The prices are generally low, because the cars are bought in bulk. You usually do not have to negotiate, and trade in values tend to be lower.

Car supermarkets do carry a lot of stock so you will probably find quite a few different models that you are looking for, so look out for beneficial optional extras like xenon headlights, air conditioning and alloy wheels.

The Car Auction

Auctions that sell vehicles have become another place over the years to get low mileage vehicles for a good price. Better still is the fact that you get a guarantee regarding mechanical problem issues. However, if you are buying at an auction realise your consumer rights are not as plentiful as other options. While you get a bargain you also need to check the vehicle before making a bid.

Online Sales

Online has become a power house for buying almost everything we need. Even dealers have online sites for vehicles so you can look at the specs and pictures of a vehicle before you go to see it. eBay is even a place to get a vehicle.

If you decide to go with eBay you will want to check out the seller feedback. Stay away from few or poor ratings, and go for someone with a higher rating. If your bid is the winner you are obligated to purchase the vehicle, as long as the advertising was truthful.