Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics are designs on vehicles that advertise a company. This may range from a simple company logo to full-color billboard style advertisements. In fact, fleet graphics are essentially moving billboards, advertising your company to literally thousands of people each day that your vehicle is on the roads.

Fleet graphics have a strong advantage over stationary billboards. They can reach a greater audience and are much more cost effective. The price of a billboard in most places is about $400 – $600 each month, although this can range to up to about $2,500 per month for specialized billboards in high-demand areas. Not only do you have to pay a monthly fee for the billboards, you also have to pay to have the design made, whether it be painted on or made of poster board or plastic. Additionally, billboard advertising has limits on how many people will see the billboard, depending on its location. People need to actually be in a vehicle to see them, and the target demographic may be limited by placement of the billboards’ location as well.

In contrast, mobile vehicle advertising usually only involves a one-time fee for each vehicle. Advertising that is placed on a vehicle is limited only by where the vehicle drives or parks. People also seem to remember bright vehicle graphics better as well. Several studies have shown that a retention rate for vehicle advertising is often over 95%, versus around 80% for static billboards.

There are several types of materials you can use for your fleet’s graphics – custom paint jobs, magnetic signs and decals. The biggest trend in decals right now is the large, colorful, full-vehicle wraps. Prices for vehicle graphics can range from the very affordable to quite expensive. A magnetic sign or door-sized decal may run around $70 in most regions, while the average price of a custom paint job can cost $7,000-$8,000, even more for very intricate or artistic work. The price of vehicle wraps falls somewhere in between, ranging from about $2,500 – $6,000 for cars, SUVs and standard smaller trucks. This estimate can vary greatly as well, with a discount priced auto wrap at about $1,500, and a full wrap for a bus going for about $18,000.

Wraps may come in one piece or in several panels, and are made if a very thin vinyl. Although they were often screen printed in the past, most wraps are now digitally printed. The parts of the vinyl wrap that cover side windows is perforated so that the driver and passengers can see outside the vehicle. The front side windows and windshields are never covered for safety and legal reasons. The vinyl is treated with an adhesive that is considered permanent, yet able to be easily removed. The adhesives used are generally a better quality than those used for the smaller, traditional, door-sized decals which can sometimes damage paint or leave residues behind. When wraps are removed, they leave no trace of adhesive behind and do not mar the vehicle in any way.

The price of wrapping a fleet for mobile advertising is much more cost effective than advertising on a static billboard. Even when figured at an average price of $500 per month, a billboard would run about $6,000 per year, printing cost excluded, which would be comparable to the one time fee of a wrap for each vehicle in the fleet, and the wraps will last for several years. Many wrap sellers offer a discount for multiple company vehicle wraps, making the final price per vehicle even less.