Honda launches comprehensive online car buying platform: 6-step process explained

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Honda Cars India has finally introduced its comprehensive online car buying platform. “Honda from Home” has expanded to allow customers to buy a new Honda car from their own home. While dealerships will continue to operate, Honda from Home now allows customers a contact-free experience along with added convenience. Initially, Honda had introduced the platform to simply book a new Honda model only. Recently Honda introduced its virtual showroom. Now, Honda from Home has expanded to a one-stop solution for a car purchase. Honda claims that it takes 6 steps from making a choice to buying the vehicle.

The Honda from Home solution is designed to provide a comprehensive retail experience. The process involves the customer to pick a car of their choice first. Following which, all the offers available for their vehicle of choice at the time will be provided. Once they are happy, they can request to generate a quote. Once they are happy, they will be provided with finance options. After the finance process is completed and approved, the delivery options will be offered to the customer after which they would have bought their new Honda vehicle. The vehicle will then be delivered at a later date.

Honda from Home – 6 step process explained

1 – Choose your Honda car

2 – Select applicable offers

3 – Create Quote

4 – Check finance options

5 – Choose delivery options

6 – Buy Online

When choosing the vehicle, the customer will be required to create a profile. They will then be asked to pick the vehicle of their choice along with the variant/grade and fuel type, transmission options and colour. The platform will offer all the vehicle prices, a dealer selector, special offers along with loyalty, exchange and corporate benefits. Finance options will also be provided by leading banks along with an EMI calculator. A dedicated sales representative will also be assigned to help with the process. Once the process is completed, the customer can then chose to pick up the vehicle from the dealership or have it delivered to their home. Options for accessories, exchange offers for older vehicles, extended warranties, roadside assistance packages and more will also be offered on the platform.

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