I don’t want a German or French car, so what should I buy?

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Foreign err

I am trying to find a new car to replace my 2005 Volvo V70 diesel estate. I need a more or less exact replacement (manual or automatic), possibly a hybrid but not a diesel due to our low mileage. I would be very happy with another Volvo, but the V90 looks a bit bigger and quite expensive. I do not like SUVs much due to the bulk and height. I do not to buy anything French or German, but a Japanese or South Korean car would be fine. A Mazda6 looks suitable, but I think it is a bit bigger than my V70. Any ideas? BC

A new Mazda6 SW measures 4,805mm, so it is only about 100mm longer than your V70. It is available with either a 2.0- or 2.5-litre Skyactiv G petrol engine. Hybrids are all automatic. You could look at a Toyota Corolla self-charging hybrid Touring Sport (preferably the 2.0-litre), which is 4,650mm long. Or a Kia Optima 2.0 GDI PHEV SW, 4,855mm. By ruling out French or German cars you are needlessly denying yourself some very good alternatives, such as the VW Passat GTE PHEV estate (4,767mm).

Premium service

My wife has a Motability car. She received a letter stating: “With fewer vehicles on the road due to lockdown, and fewer claims, we are sending out a rebate on the insurance premium.” A £50 cheque was enclosed. We think this is a fine gesture and wonder if other vehicle insurance companies are doing likewise. Have you heard of any other insurers offering refunds? VS

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