Luxury Cars With Convertible Tops – The Best of Both Worlds

For years, a convertible roof was a feature only offered with sports cars or muscle cars. Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and other similar vehicles would always come with a convertible option, giving their drivers a unique top down, wind in the hair experience. These convertibles offered a feeling of freedom that most drivers could only envy. However, for those drivers who preferred luxury automobiles, there were other restrictions to worry about. Most luxury vehicles were designed to offer a smooth, comfortable driving experience, not a fast, sporty one. With the exception of Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, which always had a focus on combining speed with high end amenities, other luxury automotive companies couldn’t provide a similar exhilarating driving experience. When the manufacturer saw a demand for a car that combined sportiness and classic luxury, a new option arose: the luxury convertible car.

This car changed the expectations that customers had for their high-end vehicles. Auto makers such as BMW and Audi were now able to offer a sportier car, with a convertible top, that didn’t only focus on the driver. High-end sports cars are two seat speedsters, and are designed solely with the driver in mind. For example, a Porsche 911 turbo is clearly not meant to be a passenger car, while the BMW 3 series could provide the speed, convertible top, and 5-passenger comfort. This new breed of convertible, coupled with increased horse power, would give the owner a full sports car driving experience without the limited cabin space. Because these cars don’t skimp on the amenities either, they are still viewed as complete luxury vehicles.

With the burgeoning success of these crossover vehicles, companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi felt that they could earned the clout to offer a full on sports car to the market as well. Convertibles like the BMW Z4, Mercedes CLK200, and Audi TT would give these companies the chance to ride out the sports car wave that they started with their transitional luxury sports cars. Buyers now had options to choose from, regardless of what manufacturer they preferred, or the price tag they were looking for. Now there will always be the option of a high end luxury vehicle that boasts a convertible top and increased horsepower and a traditional convertible sports car that offers all the speed and agility of their Porsche counterparts.