Mini Ads For Lawyers That Pay Off With Big Results

Here’s my secret weapon I found out about years ago – and I’d like to share it with you.

Legal marketing consultants won’t tell you about these – and most of your competition has never even thought about using one.

Years ago, I stumbled on the notion of running 2X2 inch ads in local papers – targeted at just one tort. These ads are often overlooked, or in some cases unknown as an option, because most legal marketing consultants heavily focus on producing television commercials – not running tiny print ads in the local paper.

Many times, these are also unknown as an option because the print media enthusiastically pushes their real money makers–full page, half page, and double truck ads.

Trust me, if you’re going after one tort – these ads will PAYOFF BIG TIME!

So for example: The headline: Sexual Harassment at Work? – with the copy – Call about a possible award, (303)XXX-XXXX – yielded a $1.4 million award for a car saleswoman.

In another case: Injured by Vioxx? – Call XXX-XXXX – received 35 calls from only one run in a local paper. The ad was run in the paper’s Wednesday edition to reach women searching for the specials that supermarkets typically advertise that day.

In order to use a two inch ad effectively, you must keep it very short and to the point. Use a heavy black icon and a drop-shadowed border. And REMEMBER; focus on only one tort per ad! Place the ad R.O.P. (run of paper). This is the equivalent to R.O.S. (run of schedule) in the TV advertising world.

Because of the small cost of these ads, they are relatively low-risk. I’ve also found that these ads are perfect for attracting mass torts. Follow the guidelines in this article and place one for your firm today. Just remember to focus on one tort. Place the ad in the logical day and section of the newspaper. Keep it short, and use my suggested format. Then, watch the tiny ad deliver huge results!