MLM Companies – Is There One That Is A Fit For You?

There never will be one “right” MLM company to choose, merely the right one for you that fits your personality, ability, and desire to succeed. Chances are there is more than one company out there that fits this bill, so don’t settle on the first one you see, either.

Here are a few examples of companies who utilize network marketing, in no particular ranking or order:

Amway – The great grand-daddy of all network marketing companies, Amway has been around for over 50 years, and has made billions plying their products (with help from their distributors), from bath and body to health and nutrition. These guys were doing MLM before there was such a thing as the Internet, and make a lot of their money from people who buy their products for themselves as well as those who take advantage of the network marketing commission possibilities.

Herbalife – These guys have been around for 30 years, selling protein shakes and snacks, vitamins and dietary supplements, energy and fitness drinks, skin and hair care products. Other companies who also sell health and beauty items include USANA, Forever Living, and Nu Skin, to name only a few.

Pre-Paid Legal – This company sells legal services such as living wills, contracts, and other legal documents utilizing “associates” to help them sell their services in return for commissions.

Shaklee – For over 30 years this firm has sold health and beauty products with help from independent distributors. ACN – This telecommunications firm has been selling cutting-edge services such as digital phone service as well as local & long distance phone services, high speed Internet, wireless, satellite TV, Canada Energy and home security with ADT through the help of independent contractors operation home based businesses.

AmeriPlan – This is a network marketing opportunity which provides supplemental health care plans. They claim to be the nation’s premier discount medical plan organization, saving their members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.

Nikken – This unique company manufactures a variety of different products which promote health through the use of static magnets. These products include wraps, jewelry, pads, patches, insoles, travel pillows, and more. The largest category for home based businesses which utilize multi level marketing is health, beauty, anti-aging, and other healthy living products such as weight loss aids. This is by no means a complete list, and as you can see, there are other options for items you can sell. The Internet is full of choices for the right person to capitalize on and become successful. Just be sure to carefully research each company that you consider to make sure that they are legitimate, honest, and will deliver the earnings that they promise. It’s obvious that there is money to be made, simply by looking at the sheer number of different opportunities available out there.

So are you considering joining any one or other such company? Be sure to keep in mind that understanding the products that network marketing companies sell and establishing a proper marketing plan for the same is crucial to your success.