New and Used Motor Home RV Values – Blue Book and NADA

Unlike the guides for automobiles which are based on analyses of actual car prices, the Blue Book and NADA guides are based primarily on a percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (M.S.R.P.). These guides may be nowhere near the actual current resale value.

The guides include many options in the M.S.R.P. so it is hard to know which, if any, options you should include. This makes it easy for options to be charged twice. A better way to find the resale value of RV’s is to look at other mobile homes of the same class, make and model. Check for similar amenities and base your price on that. If you are looking to buy a used RV, these comparisons can help you determine if the price quoted to you is a fair and reasonable price.

Motor home RV values should be based on actual selling prices of similar mobile homes, taking into consideration factors like age and overall condition. Are there dents or leaks? Has the unit been properly maintained on a regular basis? Do all of the appliances work? If this is a motorized rig, what is the mileage? Is it above or below the average? Does it run well for the mileage? Check all accessories that came with or were added, such as the air conditioner, satellite dishes, back up mirrors, awnings, solar panels and kitchen appliances. Does it all work? If you are selling your rig, making sure all of these items are in good condition can greatly increase your selling price.

Use the Blue Book and NADA values as a starting point and then adjust your price, or offer if you are buying, up or down according to the condition of the RV. You can increase the value of your motor home by sprucing it up. Add new curtains, makes sure it is spotless and update appliances. These simple maneuvers can add hundreds to your selling price. There are many variables in motor homes to be considered. Is it a towable or motorized? How many can it sleep? What appliances are included? What does the maintenance record tell you? If you have a late model motor home to sell, you may want to have an appraisal done to insure that you bet the best price possible. Some large RV dealers provide this service and will even broker a deal for you for a small fee.

The type of RV you want to sell or buy also has an influence on your profit or cost. Obviously, a luxury motor coach will garner a larger selling price than a travel trailer or pop-up camper. As a potential buyer you need to just decide how much you can spend for an RV, what type of motor home you want and what amenities you consider necessary, than with all of this in mind start looking around. There are dozens of online sites you can browse and check out the class of mobile home you want. Many of these sites have interior and exterior pictures along with a list of amenities. Of course you will want to find a dealer in your area so that you can physically inspect the used rig yourself before you buy. Ask to see the maintenance record if available. If you are buying from a dealer ask about a warranty.

The Blue Book and NADA guide are useful tools as a starting point. You need to take into consideration the age and condition of the unit, as well as amenities available. Nina Romanov