Orbital Polisher vs ‘By Hand’ Waxing for Mobile Auto Detailers and Car Washers

Orbital Polishers to help humans buff and wax cars have been very popular since their first debut on the market and car enthusiasts and some auto detailers swear by them. Personally, I don’t and I have a very good reason why, still I get asked often enough about the use of orbital buffers and regular buffers too. In fact not long ago, I was asked by a future small business man dead set on starting his own mobile detailing business about orbital polishers:

“What about boats, how do you wax cars so fast, do you use an orbital polisher?”

You know, I never recommended that any of “Detail Guys” franchisees ever use an orbital, and I have noted in my experience over the last 27-years that a professional auto detailer can go much faster by hand, using “Seal it” by Auto Magic simultaneously with a carnauba wax or cleaner wax, or “Diamond Shine” by New American, which uses a chemical liquid compound to cut through the dead paint.

The reality is that you can do a much better job without an orbital using a polymer with solvent wax or a combination of waxes and polishes on the same hand-held applicator. And you can do it much faster, maybe 15-minutes to wax a perfectly clean car, removing all oxidation as you go, a couple of extra coats on the really bad spots.

The completed and finished wax job is as good as an orbital taking double the time, and without the generator use, extension cords or time to set up and break down. Remember time is either your friend or your enemy; it’s up to you to decide. This business is about production, efficiency = victory. It’s about winning, total efficiency, no waste!