Pet Number Plates

Dogs are called man’s best friend. Their loyalty, intellect, devotion and affection make them exceptional pets. The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers with an estimated 8 million dogs and 8 million cats currently living in the UK, which means that almost half of all UK households own a pet.

The UK’s love for pets has created a new submarket in the competitive market of personalised number plates as pet owners want to show how much they love or remember their favourite pets. There is an increasing popular trend for pet owners to turn their favourite pet name or breed of dog into a private number plate. Examples of these include T1 YER (Terrier), GR1 HND (Greyhound) and B1 SET (Basset Hound).

The more popular combination’s are always going to be more expensive and some of the most frequently used cherished and Irish number plates include combination of “DOG”, “K9”, “MUT” or “CAT”. These are premium plates, but it does not mean they have all been sold? Just search for “pet number plates” or attend a DVLA number plate auction if you are interested in purchasing a pet plate.

If your favourite animal is not a dog or cat then there are other popular pet number plate combination’s available and these can include BTR 199 (Bird), RAB 711Y, (Rabbit) and S16 NAM (Reptile) as just a few examples.

Personalised pet number plates also make great value for money gifts. If you have ever struggled for great birthday ideas for a friend or family member who is mad about their cat or dog, then a pet number plate would make a fantastic birthday present. You can choose a mixture of date of birth, initials, name or abbreviations. It is the same process as creating a plate for a person and there is no extra paperwork to worry about.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are aware of the growth of pet car registrations and DVLA Marketing Manager, Damien Lawson said at the recent DVLA action, “We are experiencing a growth in interest in personalised pet number plates, you just have to look at pet plates on show, 1 MUT and L1 CKS and their estimated values”, The auction was held at RBS Williams F1 conference centre in Wantage, Oxfordshire on the 5th August 2009.