Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass Expanding to Florida and South Carolina

“Claim Up To $150 cash back on windshield repairs with Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass”

Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass are rapidly expanding to offer their 30 year’s expertise and lifetime warranties to include Arizona, Florida and South Carolina. Their friendly, professional staff are happy to help you get the best quality glass at the lowest price possible. Claim up to $150 cash back on windshield repairs for a limited time.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – October 2nd, 2020 – The windshield is a vital part of any car and if it is damaged it can easily break up into dangerous shards with minimal impact. In addition, cracks and chips can obstruct the drivers view, making accidents more likely and possibly earning a ticket from the police. With winter on its way, factors such as frosts, potholes and extreme changes of temperature from day to night increase the likelihood of windshield damage. 

“Many drivers don’t realize that a cracked windshield puts the structural integrity of their car at risk, increasing the chances of a serious or fatal injury,” said Cash Lesuer, owner of Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass Company. “Statistics show that the windshield contributes as much as 60% structural stability during a rollover and 45% in the event of a front-end collision.” 

Arizona has a higher risk of windshield problems than most other states. According to Arizona Auto Glass Association President Rex Altree “the state’s extreme heat makes glass easier to crack or chip and that, combined with the prevalence of rocks in the desert landscape, leads to much of the breakage.” Altree also said there’s more broken windshields in Arizona “because we live in an area where we rake our gravel and we don’t rake our grass.” Arizona also experiences a wide range of temperatures in twenty four hours, going from 70 degrees during the day to below freezing at night. These fluctuations cause stress to the glass of windshields and can turn a small chip into a large crack.

There are many companies offering glass replacement services but Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass stand out from their competition as they are experienced, trained professionals who keep up to date with the latest techniques. They exclusively use glass manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEM auto glass is made by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass in the vehicle. Using cheaper unbranded glass can result in the windshield not fitting as tightly as originally designed. Although you might not be able to see the gaps with the naked eye, these tiny spaces result in a loss of structural stability.

Another advantage of using Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass is that they offer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration. ADAS camera calibration is now becoming an essential requirement for many newer vehicles because many of the cameras and sensors used for modern safety features such as emergency breaking andlane departure warnings are connected to the windshield. Most car manufacturers state that the systems must be calibrated following a windscreen replacement to make sure they can still accurately detect potential hazards. If this is not done correctly then systems built into the car designed to warn drivers or to take corrective action to avoid a potential collision will not work.

The cost of replacing a windshield varies. Depending on the size, a crack can often be repaired instead. The price for the repair may vary based on the size of the damage. A good way to gauge the price of the windshield replacement is to get a free quote online.

Many motorists don’t realize that the cost of windshield repairs are often fully covered by their insurance. To make the process easy, Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass Replacement works with most of America’s auto glass insurance companies, so they can take care of the insurance claim. Using insurance to replace your windshield usually depends on the type of glass coverage offered by the policy. The cost of auto glass insurance will not increase after a claim.

Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass currently offer up to $150 cash back on your windshield replacement. Customers can be concerned that taking a cash rebate is insurance fraud. With Phoenix Arizona Auto Glass customers can be confident that the cash rebates are paid by the auto glass company themselves and not the insurance company.

Their mobile service means that the repairs can be carried out at a location to suit the customer and visits can be scheduled at customer’s homes, offices or wherever else is convenient.

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