Repoed Cars – A Great Buy Or Not

Imagine walking through your local dealership’s used car lot and seeing all the shiny cars sitting there waiting to be purchased. Imagine the salesmen flocking around you trying to get your attention and sell you a used car, regardless whether you see something you want or not. It’s not a pretty picture and extremely frustrating.

When it’s time for you to buy a used car, take your time and be sure how much you want to spend. Don’t let a salesman strap you into the seat of a vehicle that you cannot afford today or over the length of the payments. Today, you can find some fantastic deals on gently used cars, trucks and SUVs in some interesting places.

When government car auctions and public car auctions first came on the scene, the vehicles were often seized vehicles that the government had taken for crimes, accident scenes, and some repossessions for taxes. Today, sad to say, the lots of the auction houses are full of repoed cars that typically have left their owner’s hands due to significant financial reasons.

A repoed car is often a newer model vehicle with average mileage, in good condition, and may still have the manufacturer’s warranty in effect. The car auctions list the vehicles to be auctioned off anywhere from several days before the auction to several weeks before an auction takes place. That depends on how often they run their auctions. You can access these vehicle listings which generally give you engine specs, mileage, VIN number, and sometimes a starting bid price.

Regardless of what type of used car you are looking at, always be sure to thoroughly inspect the condition and mechanical operation of the vehicle. A repoed car is no exception. Test drive the vehicle, have a mechanic inspect the car for possible damage, run the VIN number for a car history, and know the value of the vehicle.

You will also find that many of the repoed cars are luxury models and well worth taking the time to investigate. So, the next time you’re out looking for a car to buy, consider the repoed vehicles at a local car auction.