Safest Car Seat: A Review of the Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat

It is required by law to use a car seat when riding with an infant or child in a personal transportation vehicle. This is why a lot of parents are looking for the safest car seat where their child will not only experience maximum comfort while riding, but also the best protection and safety from crashes and other forms of accidents. It also eliminates the need for a parent to hold the child while riding the car which can be a cause of an accident itself. One of the models which I highly recommend to any parent who’s looking for the best car seat is the Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat. This review will cover everything you need to know about the product.

General Description

This convertible car seat can really be named the safest car seat because of its specifically engineered design which has been tested to withstand even twice the impact of the federal crash test standard. It has also been tested to meet and even surpass the side impact standards of the law for the design of seats. This makes a parent confident that he is only getting the best and safest choice for his child.

The overall design of this model makes it not only extremely safe but also very comfortable for all children up to 3 years of age. The car seat is designed to be used facing the rear when the child who uses it is of a weight between 5 and 35 pounds, and it is designed to be used facing forward for children who have weights between 20 and 40 pounds. The seat also sports a five point harness design which is preferred by many safety advocates and children’s car seat analysts and developers.


There are many features that this model has which makes it a really good buy. The EPP energy absorbing foam liner is an additional safety feature which ensures that the foam absorbs shock and doesn’t pass it to the child, maintaining the safety and protection of the child against impacts. There are also high harness slots which are added to accommodate bigger and taller children. The upfront harness adjust allows you to easily tighten the harness without effort. The padding is even made of deluxe memory foam for a more comfortable and snuggly seating.


There are eight available colors of the Titan. Adams is a combination of light gray, dark gray, and black and white padding. Chattham is just like Adams but it has more black color at the frame. Fuller has a black and gray backrest and frame while the padding has a beige and light gray shade. Honeycomb is a mixture of gray with a beehive pattern, blue gray, and light blue. Houston has a brown body with beige framing and striped brown padding. Raceway has a gray body, black frame, and striped black and blue padding. Venice has a simple combination of light and dark brown. I think Venice is preferable for both girls and boys to use especially because it has a simple but clean looking color. The pads are washable anyway, so you can clean them and maintain their beautiful and presentable appearance.

Other Features

The car seat has 4 shoulder harness positions and 2 crotch strap positions which make it preferable for better fit and longer use. It can accommodate your child even as it grows. There are also higher harness slots which are also designed for taller children. The design and style of this car seat really makes it a very good model to use, and you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon because it can last for several years and fit even as your child becomes bigger and heavier.


If you have a baby or a toddler and you need the safest car seat for him, the Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat is the perfect choice for you. I highly recommend this model to all parents out there who only want what’s best for their children especially when it comes to comfort and safety.