Social Conditioning and Television Affecting the Minds of the Next Generation

Many are concerned with what’s on TV these days and if you are a parent you are indeed one of them. We do not want our kids watching junk on the television and we especially would prefer them not to watch extreme violence or a lot of sexual episodes at young ages. Now others argue that if we take out all the sex and violence on TV for the kids then we will be brainwashing these kids with wonderful, peaceful and loving TV shows, which teach them of a different reality, one which does not exist.

If we do this we are not properly preparing them for real life when they grow up. After all the world is not fair and we know that. If we lie to our kids with wonderful programming, some say we maybe doing them the biggest disservice of all.

Now then, the “After School Specials”, “Brady Bunch”, “Gilligan’s Island” and “Happy Days” situational comedies and drama shows did in fact teach that if you did something wrong it would have re-percussions. This was decent programming and did not have too much sex or violence. Yet that generation is grown now and all those parents have kids now and are they any more moral than the next generation? Was the world better served by that programming in that period? Did it affect the way we live now? Did those kids grow up to change things and make the world a better place? No, actually today we still have corruption in the system and we often see liars, cheaters and the like; everywhere we look. So one could say the TV and the social programming did not work as intended for the most part did it? I ask you now the hard question; “Yes or No.” We need to as parents think about this as we decide how best to monitor the social engineering of the next generation so they can fix the problems we failed to and to readjust the problems we created. Think on this in 2006.