Find Best Car at Discounted Price

Have you heard that now it is possible for you to find a car of your own choice at discounted price? The point is how to find these cars and how you can get best out of many other used cars keeping in mind the fraudulent and fake offers. Here are some points to be remembered while buying a car:

There are cars which are repossessed by banks and police take them under custody. There are third parties which hold auctions on bank’s behalf in order to sell these cars. The point here to be noted is that they want to sell out this stock in shortest period of time at a reasonable price so you can get any of cars of your own choice at reasonable price.

There is no doubt in it that it is highly attractive market for second hand car dealers and they buy from these … Read More

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Seized Property Federal and State Auctions

Seized property is anything seized in the course of a criminal investigation, not including forensic samples. The seized property is then sold to satisfy a judgment subsequently rendered by the court against the defendant. A seized property could be a home or property that has been repossessed by the lender because the owners failed to pay the mortgage this is called foreclosure. All seized property is sold to the highest bidder at auction. Government seized property is often offered for sale as a real estate auction. Almost daily, in every state, seized property is being sold at government auctions. Seized property is sold at public auction to satisfy the Judgment and is sold subject to all taxes, liens and encumbrances.

Federal Government Auctions. By last year the Federal Government had an inventory of seized property worth $2 billion, up from $33 million in previous years, according to a Federal study. … Read More

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Slave Auctions In The Days of Ancient Mighty Rome!

Ancient auctions in Rome were mainly for the purpose of selling slaves. People that were captured from other countries during their many conquests would be put up for sale no different than if they were a piece of furniture or other wares to be sold. Those who would come to one of these auctions would inspect the slave up for sale probably no different than someone who goes to a car auction and examines the car. Just like cars slaves came with guarantees and if the slave had something wrong with them the seller would have to buy the slave back. They had six months in which to do this.

Those that bought slaves were usually Romans of high standing but on the other hand those that sold them were not thought very highly of much like what a pimp is considered to be like in today’s standards. The slave … Read More

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Looking for a Cheap Truck? Try an Auto Auction

If you’re looking to buy a truck, you’re probably thinking that you’ll have to pay thousands to get one that’s reliable. Trucks aren’t normally cheap and even used trucks can put a big dent in your savings. However, there is a way to buy a cheap truck that’s reliable and that’s by going to an auto auction.

Public auto auctions are held in several cities and towns in every state and when you bid on a used truck, you can get it for the price that you want to pay. Most of these trucks arrive at the auto auction after they’ve been repossessed. The lending institution that carried the loan sells these vehicles at auction so they can recover some of their money. Although they won’t get the full value of what the vehicle is worth, it’s not a total loss.

Prior to sending the trucks to an auction house, … Read More

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Selling Your Model Car Collection

You have been collecting model cars for years. When other boys were getting bikes and other toys for the holidays you were thrilled to open your packages and see the newest model cars to hit the market. In a rush you take them to your room and added them to a spot of honor on your many shelves where the rest of your collection rests comfortably. Taking your model cars out of their package would have been unthinkable. You were happy to keep them in their pristine condition until the time finally comes when you decide all is right and you can open each one in pride.

However, as time has gone on so have you. You have grown up and find yourself with much less time for collecting models than you once had. When given the choice of time with your collection or time with your family the family … Read More

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So You Want To Buy A Car

So, You Want to Buy A Car.

Maybe today’s the day. You’ve finally reached that point. Maybe it’s an issue with your current ride. Maybe there’s a new addition (driver/member) to your family. Or maybe it’s just time for a change. Whatever your reason, your about to venture into a process that most people compare to dental work or a colonoscopy! But does it really have to be that bad?

As a long-term member of the second most hated group of professionals in America, ranked behind lawyers in most informal surveys, the car salesman is perhaps the most untrustworthy, despised individual in America today! We are all lifelong members of the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union, Local 3 (thanks to those of you who got the Rocky & Bullwinkle reference). We would lie to our mothers for a sale, and nothing we say or do can be taken at face … Read More

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Top 4 Cars With High Resale Value

Buying a car is a considerable investment. You need to consider a number of aspects such as maintenance cost, mileage and resale value, to have a smooth experience from buying to selling your car. There are many options in the market when it comes to salvage cars for sale or online public car auctions, but make sure you go for a reputable dealer that wouldn’t take you for a ride for a quick buck. Buying a car with a high resale value ensures you get enough cashback when you sell your car off, so as to buy your next set of wheels. These are the top models in their segments with high resale values, which you can easily find in salvage and online public car auctions. Take a look.

Honda Fit: Subcompact Car

WIth an MSRP of $ 15,500, it has a three year resale value of 61.6 %. It … Read More

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Anniversary of Henry Ford’s Retirement – September, 1945

Seventy years ago, this month, Henry Ford retired from his position as head of the Ford Motor Company. I’m sure he was tired after so many years of innovation and struggle as he built his personal empire.

It seems to me that Ford automobiles are either loved or hated by consumers. I’ve owned a few with good results, so I have nothing bad to say about them. But then, I don’t get very excited about cars. I’m one of those who look at cars as a necessary evil. I have to own one, but it can be more functional than luxurious.

Today a friend and I will drive a couple of hours to visit a car auction. It’s not just a car auction, but limited to classic and collector automobiles. You know, cars like a 1928 Duesenberg, or a 1932 Ford truck in mint condition. Or maybe a 1972 Ford … Read More

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Save Thousands at Auto Auctions – Without Marrying a Car Dealer!

The Common Misconception: Auto auctions are only open to

car dealers.

The Surprising Truth: Anyone with the right resources can

participate in the same auctions as the dealers!

Think about it. How much could you save if you bypassed

the dealers and purchased directly from their sources?

30%, 50%, maybe even 75%.

As unbelievable as this sounds, it is possible with a

little patience and research.

As you probably already know from past experience, car

dealers will do ANYTHING to get you into the car of your

dreams. Whether you can afford it or not!

I can recall a former coworker who got into a new luxury

vehicle with a little “creative financing.” The manager

divided his mortgage payment in two. His justification:

As a married man his wife was responsible for the other

half of the mortgage….even though she was a stay at home

mom! Luckily for them, they … Read More

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Federal Car Auctions – Buying Your Dream Car at Federal Auctions

Federal car auctions are one of the best places to get the car of your dreams at a very cheap price; these offer great opportunity for you to get good deals for your purchase of a high quality vehicle at a rock bottom price. You can choose among wide selection of vehicle types and models of your choice; ranging from luxury vehicles, sports cars, sedan, family van, pick up, offroad units and four wheel drive vehicles.

Vehicles available at Federal car auctions usually come from government seized units from people caught in the act of performing illegal and criminal activities. They also include repossessed vehicles from people who defaulted on their financial obligations such as loans and tax payments. Moreover, police impounded cars are also auctioned in this place.

Considering the high cost involved in the storage of these vehicles, the federal government wants to immediately dispose the units; consequently … Read More

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