Successfully Selling Silver on eBay – Article Two – Hallmarks, Maker’s Marks, Standards, and More

(Warning: This article is long and reading it may improve your ability to make money on eBay)

In Article One I discussed the opportunities for savvy eBay sellers in the growing investor market for antique and collectible silver. The many types of marks on these goods can be confusing, however, often resulting in poorly described listings. One can be assured that at least 30% of the 12-15,000 weekly listings in the ‘Antiques-Sterling’ category will have inaccurate or misleading descriptions. The resulting buyer confusion and uncertainty causes poor selling prices, lost sales and seller credibility issues.

In this article eBayers will learn how to identify and understand the many different marks and where to research them. With this background sellers can write professional descriptions in their eBay auctions, eBay stores and other selling venues. Properly identifying and listing silver items gives sellers credibility and an edge over the hundreds of uninformed … Read More

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Tips on Collecting Pie Funnels

The pie funnel, also known as pie ventilator or pie bird, as the Americans like to call it, is a late Victorian utensil. They were designed to prevent the juices spilling onto the pastry or the floor of the oven and also to support the pie crust and stop it from sagging.

The first recorded pie funnel was manufactured in 1880 by Dean and Morris and it was made in three sizes. Since then 44 different patents and registered designs have been recorded in Britain and many of these can still be bought today. One of the earliest recorded figures was a blackbird, registered in 1933 in Australia by Grace Seccombe as a Pie Crust Lifter. A J Wilkinson (Clarice Cliff) registered a blackbird funnel design in 1936 and many of these were produced, including the all white wartime version – some were stamped Wilkinson, Newport Pottery or, later, Midwinter.… Read More

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Ferrari 250 GT Berlinitta Lusso

What is considered the most beautiful Ferrari ever built? There would be a lot of different answers to this question, depending upon what you consider beautiful. However, for many Ferrari enthusiasts the answer is the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

The term Lusso usually means Luxury in Italian. This is a relatively strange term to be associated with a Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari started out building racing cars. He then went on to build sports racing and road cars. The road cars were known for their power and handling and not luxury features. Wealthy owners were looking for performance and status, not creature comforts.

However in 1962 in the Paris Salon the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso was introduced. By 1964 around 350 cars had been produced. By no means the longest run of the 250 based cars, but a very good one for the factory.

What made the car use the … Read More

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Autocross Buying Guide – Select the Right Car

In my experience, autocross can be a very fun and exciting sport. I have participated in several events in my local area. I found the hobby to be very addictive as well.

Out of all my other hobbies, I think this one is the best “bang for the buck” as far as thrills go with your car. Everybody can participate. Every car (some clubs have exceptions to this though like no SUV’s, no Trucks) can race. The nice thing about this kind of race is that you are competing against others in your class usually defined by the SCCA, however, you are on the course alone so there is minimal chance of hitting other cars.

The hardest part about autocross (aside from learning how to race) in my opinion is finding the right car. Sure, you can use a daily driver, but that is not recommended if you are going … Read More

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Where to Find Collectible Corgi Toys From the 1960’s

There are many places to find collectible diecast models, one of the most obvious will be on auction sites such as eBay. Here you will find thousands of models from all over the world, some in mint boxed condition & some in a playworn condition.

Some collectors will only buy the best model they can find & the better the condition the more valuable the item. Mint boxed examples will always be more valuable & the box alone can fetch a very high price, another important point to remember is to find a model that is complete with any extras such as a driver or spare wheel, also any inner packaging or leaflets will make your model a sound investment, the more complete & original the more valuable your find.

As well as auction sites another great place to find collectible models are toy fairs, these are held throughout the … Read More

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Why Choose a Personal Number Plate?

For many of us, our cars are our pride and joy. They’re an expression of our personality, chosen for a mixture of power, handling and design that signals who we are to the world around us as we move from home, to work and out to social engagements.

Almost everything about your car can be customised too, from your tyres up to your spoiler. Today, the car customisation scene is just about as big as it’s ever been. With a multitude of factory and aftermarket options available, it’s clear that, if you want it, you’ll never see another exact copy of your car on the road.

So, with an endless ocean of custom possibilities available, why let your number plate fade into the background?

Personalised number plates can be almost anything you want them to be, from versions of your name to references to your car, lifestyle or hobbies. A … Read More

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Identifying Early Royal Doulton Ladies Figurines HN1-100 1913-1938

Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies HN1-100

This was Royal Doulton’s first line of figurines and was sometimes also referred to as the ‘Fair Ladies’. Where possible, I have listed the name of the figurine, the model number, the designers name and the production year. Please bare in mind that these pretty ladies are some of the rarest, hard to find royal doulton ladies you will ever come across and if you are lucky enough to actually find one of these models in an auction or jumble sale somewhere, then by gosh you should bid/buy/haggle do whatever it takes to get hold of it because these extremely rare collectable royal doulton figurines do not come up very often!

The other option for finding these rare ceramic figurines is of course, auction house but many of these hard to find, royal doulton figurines will not be available at auctions because they are indeed … Read More

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The New "07" Car Registration Plates Have Arrived

At 8.00am on the 5th of December 2006 the DVLA introduced the 07 car registration plate series to the car number plate market, providing even more options for people searching for the ultimate private registration. Prefix and dateless registrations have traditionally been more popular when it comes to buying a private number plate however people are becoming aware of some eye catching registration plates in the current style range.

Frantic buyers flooded the DVLA call centre as soon as the car registration plates were released in order to secure their desired number plate. With purchases limited to one purchase per call, many dealers and collectors were on the phone the entire day and with such a high demand it wasn’t long before the most desirable registration plates had been sold. Some of the more distinctive 07 number plates sold included SP07 RTY (Sporty), BL07 GGS (Bloggs) and HP07 TER (H … Read More

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Pet Number Plates

Dogs are called man’s best friend. Their loyalty, intellect, devotion and affection make them exceptional pets. The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers with an estimated 8 million dogs and 8 million cats currently living in the UK, which means that almost half of all UK households own a pet.

The UK’s love for pets has created a new submarket in the competitive market of personalised number plates as pet owners want to show how much they love or remember their favourite pets. There is an increasing popular trend for pet owners to turn their favourite pet name or breed of dog into a private number plate. Examples of these include T1 YER (Terrier), GR1 HND (Greyhound) and B1 SET (Basset Hound).

The more popular combination’s are always going to be more expensive and some of the most frequently used cherished and Irish number plates include combination of … Read More

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The Truth About Auto-Transport Companies

Auto-transport companies are designed to facilitate a

person’s need to transport cars from one location to

another. Whether a person is moving or they have sold their

vehicle via Internet auction, the car can be transported

without adding mileage or road wear to it.

In some cases, it’s just easier to transport a car rather

than make the lengthy drive out of time considerations.

There are some things to know about auto-transport

companies in advance.

The process of shipping a car from one location to another,

especially across long distances, requires planning ahead

and doing your homework. Whether you are a frequent shipper

or a first timer, always shop the price with various

different car transport services.

Factors such as costs of gas, number of cars already going

in that direction and seasons can impact the expense.

The auto transport service will need to know where the car

is going … Read More

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