Prime Day 2020: Best car detailing deals

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Amazon shoppers and, well, anyone who likes a good deal: Prime Day. We scoured this year’s Prime Day deals to pick out the best gear for the you or the auto detailer in your life. With these deals, you’ll have some of the best gear, products and accessories to keep your car looking fresh.

Keeping your car clean doesn’t only help it look better, it can protect your car from swirls, scratches, debris and even rust. A simple wash and wax will go a long way to keep your car looking shiny, but below, you’ll find some of the best deals on tools, supplies and products to help you accomplish that goal.



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Save 30% on Chemical Guys car detailing essentials

Washing your car at home requires a little more than just spraying it down with the hose. If you want to get your car squeaky clean, you are going to want to grab some Chemical Guys (and other brands) essentials while they’re on sale.

text: Chemical Guys Superior Shine & Protection Kit, Save up to 30% on Amazon

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Chemical Guys Superior Shine & Protection Kit, Save up to 30% on Amazon

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Right now, you can get car detailing and cleaning essentials for up to 30% off on Amazon. That includes surface cleansers, microfiber towels, ceramic car wash soap, leather cleaner, and wax. Check out some of the best items below:

a group of items on a tabletop: Apple AirPods Pro for $219.00 at Amazon

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Apple AirPods Pro for $219.00 at Amazon

Chemical Guys Superior Shine & Protection Kit 

background pattern: Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Large (US Version) for $65.40 at Amazon

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Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Large (US Version) for $65.40 at Amazon

Chemical Guys

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Car Detailing Shop Launches Anti COVID-19 Measure for Customers

“Car Detailing In Vaughan”

A Canadian mobile car detailing company has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of car hygiene.

A Canadian mobile car detailing company has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of car hygiene.

Car Detailing have warned drivers about the value of regularly cleaning their cars as the coronavirus pandemic lives on and we become more and more aware of personal hygiene to stop the spread of the virus.

A spokesman from the Vaughan based business said: “People are becoming more and more conscious of regularly cleaning their hands to protect themselves from the virus, but who thinks about the germs they are bringing into their cars on to the steering wheel, indicators, gear stick and all the other gadgets we mess with in cars after a shopping trip, lunch or night out?

“We would urge everyone to think about how

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Best detailing sprays for cars in 2020

Ah, the humble detailing spray. Detailing sprays are a fantastic tool because they can keep a car looking great between washes and waxes. Using one doesn’t take much time at all, either, which makes it a great partner to help a vehicle pop for car shows and other events.

Store shelves, both physical and digital, are littered with so many different kinds of quick detailing sprays that it’s understandable if you don’t know which to buy. That’s where we come in: We’ve tested our fair share on the cars that come in and out of the Roadshow garage. Below are the best detailing sprays we’ve had the pleasure of using in 2020.

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Alright, so we named this our best spray car wax for our 10 best car waxes of 2020, but as we noted then, this isn’t actually a spray wax. It’s

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Auto Detailing – Save Your Knees and Find a Knee Pad Solution

A couple of years ago, I talked to a gentleman at Starbucks who was on disability. He had worked for a carpet installation company and had blown out his knees, both of them and could hardly walk, and one could not be repaired, although they tried by putting in some titanium. He admitted it did help for a while, but his knee was simply to tore up inside. You see, those that install carpets often use their knees to help pound the nails in the baseboard during installations as he explained it to me. Interestingly enough, I understand how important it is to save your knees because previously I was a tack star and later had raced street motorcycles, and also had done quite a bit of auto detailing. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

If you are in the auto detailing business you will be on your knees quite … Read More

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Auto Detailing Basics – Cleaning the Carpet

The carpet in any car or truck is the first thing to show obvious signs of wear. Dirty shoes, debris from the road, spills, crumbs, and other causes result in carpets that capture and retain dirt. This is why your carpets, even after a quick vacuuming, always appear dirty and soiled.

Luckily, cleaning your vehicle’s carpets is easier than you think. Unlike other surfaces of your car, such as your dashboard or center console, the carpet is very similar to the carpet that you’d find in your home. This means that there are multitudes of cleaning products that exist that are both auto detailing oriented and inexpensive.

Auto Detailing Inside Tip: Laundry Soap Does the Trick!

Using laundry soap, mixed in concentrate with water, is usually all you need. For severe stains, a conventional stain remover (so long as it is non-bleaching) is typically all you’ll need.

Mix the laundry … Read More

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Auto Detailing – What Does It Involve?

Auto detailing is not the same as washing your car. When you have your car auto detailed, they will clean your car inside and out. When finished, your car will look as if it is brand new. Some of tasks involved in auto detailing include polishing, waxing, and cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car along with removing debris and stains. To become an auto detailer you need to have a keen eye for the tiniest of details.

Exterior auto detailing

When detailing the exterior of your car starts by cleaning your rims and wheels of dirt and dust. Once this is done, the detailers will treat the tire sidewalls and polishing the rims. If there is any wax residue is left around the chrome plates or decals on the vehicle it is carefully wiped away. They may even treat the windows with a rain repellent. They will … Read More

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Auto Detailing Businesses – Surviving During a Recession Considered

Well, before I retired, I was in the franchising business, in the automotive service sector. One thing I had noticed over the years was that the economy was either doing well, or doing poorly. That is to say there was an expansion period or a contraction period, growth or recession. One thing I can remember is many of our franchisees complained when the economy was bad as it was hard for them to make money. In reality, by simply adjusting your menu and the types of services you offer it is rather easy to switch over to a low-cost high-volume business model and actually make more money during a recession. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

Indeed, I realize that is a very bold statement, but I can tell you from experience and real life observations that it is indeed true. All too often the wealthier crowd stops wishing to … Read More

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Do You Want to Outsource Your Auto Detailing?

All organizations must evaluate their core competencies. As an Auto Dealership, selling, servicing, and repairing cars are definitely at your core.  What about washing and detailing cars?

Conversations with General Managers, Sales Managers, and Service Managers indicate that managing the detail department is frustrating:

  • Fixed cost for a variable service
  • High turnover, less professional worker
  • Artistic personality – visual thinkers do not mesh with the technical workforce of a dealership
  • Control of chemicals and equipment is time consuming and distracting
  • Performance is critical to the overall CSI score

Outsourcing to a professional company with standards, processes, and ethics can be a great way to simplify a basic process and if done correctly turn it into a strategic partnership – an auto detailing service that works.

Variable cost structure.  By negotiating a per car price for each type of service, you take a fixed cost and make it variable.   In addition, … Read More

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How to Create Effective Flyers For Auto Detailing Business

It may not be a new concept but flyer marketing still remains to be one of the most important tools in advertising a business. In fact, many business entities are still using it in their marketing efforts. Your auto detailing business can benefit from flyer printing because they are cheap and easy to distribute. These prints also enable you to include enough information about your enterprise and the services it offers. However, you need to create prints that are of high quality and eye-catching. They should also provide useful information. Your prints should be creative and interesting enough for people to read.

Tips in Creating Flyers for Auto Detailers

o Motivate your readers and get them to act. You have to make sure that after people read your prints, they will act with sense of urgency. Include offers in your flyer prints that will get people to do something about … Read More

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