As Electric Cars Reach Europe’s Mainstream, Expect Some Inconvenient Facts

Sales of electric cars are booming in Europe and as they become ubiquitous, some home truths will be unavoidable.

According to Brussels-based green lobby group Transport & Environment (T&E), sales of mainly battery electric vehicles (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will account for 10% of sales in Europe this year, and 15% next year. That compares with just 3% in 2019.

The surge in mainly BEVs compares with the disastrous but probably temporary dive in internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles. But the rapid acceleration in sales means electric cars are moving away from early adopter buyers who are rich, to more mainstream and value seeking sections of the market.  

These “cheaper” BEVs still cost more than twice as much as their ICE equivalents

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6 Shocking Facts About Wallis Simpson, the Scandalous American Who Stole King Edward VIII’s Heart

The Queen may be Great Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, but there’s another woman who forever changed the country’s monarchy: Wallis Simpson.

The American-born Duchess of Windsor, who died this week in 1986, is the reason Queen Elizabeth eventually took the throne. As any fan of The Crown could tell you, Simpson’s eventual husband, King Edward VIII, gave up the throne after less than a year because his family (and parliament) wouldn’t accept Simpson, the woman he loved (and a two-time divorcée) as Queen.

Edward’s abdication (after which he was known as the Duke of Windsor) put his brother, George VI, on the throne, thus making the present Queen Elizabeth II the heir apparent.

It’s this history-altering scandal that Simpson is best remembered for, but she lived for 50 fascinating years after her husband’s abdication – and led an equally interesting life before she ever rubbed elbows with royalty. Here are just

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Important Facts About Auto Insurance Companies

Do you know anything about auto insurance companies? It is important to know something about them, even if you don’t own a vehicle right now. If you live in the city and have no need for a car, a car may become a necessity when you have to move from the city. Almost everyone drives a vehicle, even if a person can go through life without driving. This is the reason why stiff competition exists among auto insurance companies.

Auto insurance companies have a lot of advertisements on television that are vastly different in appeal and target different audiences. A product usually targets a particular age and gender group that receives their ads accordingly. However, this is not the case with auto insurance companies because they have to target everyone. This is why their ads are so diverse and are on at all times of the day. Their success depends … Read More

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Need-To-Know Facts About Convertible Cars

Convertibles are defined by having a retractable roof – they represent the wind-in-your-hair dream car designed for pleasure over practicality.

While previously convertibles were purely two-seater sports cars which were also broadly called roadsters, these days you can even find open-air sedan type models. Most convertibles fall within the luxury-range of vehicles, however there are also several affordable models now on the marketplace.

There are two main types of convertible cars, distinguished by their roof type – soft-tops and hard-tops. A soft-top convertible is also known as a cabriolet, cabrio, or spider, and hard-tops are variously described as coupé cabriolets, coupé convertibles or retractable hard-tops.

The following guide will give you some of the key facts about convertibles to keep in mind so you can decide which model is right for you.


As mentioned above, convertible cars range in size from two-seat roadsters to roomier four-seaters. Even if the … Read More

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