Car Washing: Hand Washing Versus Automatic

The option to use the traditional method of a hand wash service or the latest automatic machine is based on the personal preference of the car owner. While the hand wash has the potential to give the most gleaming look, the alternative method is certain to be a lot quicker. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the different car washing options:

Hand wash

Giving the car a regular hand wash is the most traditional method. Even though it is slower than the automatic alternative, it does have its many plus points, as well as a few downsides.


High-quality and customized – a hand wash has the potential to give the best all-round cleaning performance. A regular hand wash can easily be customized to include other cleaning strategies. With actual hands on contact with the car, it is possible to use extra cleaning techniques like waxing … Read More

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Different Finance Sources For Motor Vehicles!

However, it is important to know the pros and cons of each loan product in order to decide for the finance source that best suits your needs.

Within a matter of hours you can obtain all the money you need for purchasing your desired motor vehicle. However, as motor vehicle loans differ from regular car loans, you should be extra careful when negotiating the loan terms. It is possible to obtain inexpensive financing, but it is as well possible to close on too onerous deals.

Motor Vehicle Loans

There are loans specially designed for purchasing motor vehicles, they are similar to car loans but have different loan terms adjusted for the higher or lower prices that the different motor vehicles have along with the different amortization periods, etc. The different characteristics that motor vehicles have will determine the loan terms like: loan amount, interest rate, repayment program, insurance fee, closing … Read More

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4E Corp & Ethos For the Earth – A Candid MLM Review

4E Corp and Ethos seem like they are brand new, but they have been around since 2006. Based out of California, 4E Corp. offers a MLM opportunity with Ethos Fr as the signature product. While any product that claims to improve gas mileage AND improve emissions is sure to get attention, Ethos Fr is not exactly a “slam dunk”when it comes to MLM opportunities.

Popeye Ate His Spinach- Do Our Vehicles Get The Same Oomph From Ethos Fr?

Ethos Fr is labeled a fuel reformulator, as opposed to being called a fuel additive. It received endorsements from the NASCAR circuit, where it has been added to the fuel of race cars for several years. In fact, NASCAR stands solidly behind the Ethos Fr business opportunity. This is no small backing, as NASCAR is still the most watched sport in the world!

The performance claims regarding Ethos are, at best, mixed. … Read More

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How to Modify Fuel Injectors

There was a day when finding inexpensive aftermarket injectors to support 500-600rwhp were tough. There were few options for high impedance style injectors, other than the Ford Motorsport 42lbs or MSD 50lb units. The aftermarket fuel injector industry has progressed rapidly over the past several years and as a result there are many brands and sizes available for most performance enthusiasts. Larger injectors are necessary to support higher horsepower levels on modified cars. As a rule of thumb the following equations are useful when selecting the right size injector to support the required horsepower level.

To calculate the size for a particular application:

– Injector Flow Rate (lb/hr) = Engine HP(1) x BSFC(2) – Number of Injectors x Injector duty cycle(3)


– Injector Flow Rate (cc/min) = Engine HP(1) x BSFC(2) x 10.5 – Number of Injectors x Injector duty cycle(3)

An old trick that some of the “Tuners” … Read More

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Believe the Benefits of the Gas to Liquids Process

The process of turning solid coal into gas sounds unbelievable. There are many benefits to the procedure, including being able to access the coal buried deep in the earth, 85 percent of which is inaccessible using current methods. However, the idea of turning gas to liquids seems even less plausible. Few people would believe that the solid coal one might encounter underground could be changed to liquid, let alone used to fuel our cars. Believe it or not, the gas to liquids method works, and it comes with many benefits.

The gas to liquids process creates clean fuel after going through underground coal gasification, or UCG, while it lies beneath the earth’s surface. The gas to liquids process is instrumental in the underground coal gasification procedure, as it converts the coal from a solid to synthesis gas, also called syngas. This is performed through a catalytic reaction, resulting in syngas … Read More

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Vehicle Graphic Wraps

A vehicle graphic wrap is basically self-adhesive vinyl with a design, pattern, or logos printed onto it. After the vinyl has ink applied to it, it is then wrapped around a vehicle. Car wraps are essentially removable car decals. So if you decide to sell the vehicle or just get tired of the old wrap you can just take it right off. Car wraps will not damage the paint on your vehicle, it does the opposite actually. A car wrap will protect your vehicles paint by absorbing the suns UV rays. Over time UV rays can cause a paint job to fade and then eventually peel off.

There are several reasons someone would want car decals put on the vehicle of their choice. For one, it is great advertising. If someone is trying to promote a business, a car wrap is a great option. Something simple as going to the … Read More

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How to Acquire a Utilised Auto

You’ll find a number of reasons why people go in for a employed car, instead of a new one. They might want to get the auto which they like essentially the most and is not manufactured by the business anymore. They might also want a vehicle for temporary use, as they would be permanently leaving for some other place or abroad. Some youngsters may well need to buy an aged one and then modify it, the way they would like to. And some can’t simply afford a fresh car. Moreover, the second-hand cars sold nowadays are kept in this kind of a very good situation that the buyer won’t even come to know that it really is an age outdated car. Many people merely invest in this kind of vehicles and claim that they’ve bought it from an auto showroom. A single desires to make certain numerous fundamental things in … Read More

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Get Involved – Advice For the Entry Level Drag Racer

So you have the car and the desire but you currently lack the right direction in where to show off your hot rod. Pointing newcomers in the right direction is something I can assist with. However, the desire to put forth an effort and build a suitable car that you enjoy is truly in your hands. Assuming you already have the race car, then you are right on your way to being ready to make your drag strip debut.

Making the choice to take your car to the drag strip is a wise one. The alternate, illegal street racing is just that: illegal, reckless, and deadly. Driving on public roads is a privilege, not a right. So always consider the consequences of driving reckless on the streets and understand you put your and innocent bystanders’ lives at risk.

The National Hot Rod Associate (NHRA) was founded over 50 years ago … Read More

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Finding Unique and Exotic Travel Deals Right Here in the US

For the larger travel web sites; travel deals are generated when they purchase airfare seats, hotels and rental cars in bulk and then resale to the general public at reduced rates.

The same holds true for discounted cruise deals and hot vacation spots. He who has the cash flow to purchase travel in bulk do extremely well in the resale.

However, there is another travel deal that is generated consistently that the general public usually is not aware of. This is the travel deals created by the smaller resorts and off the beaten path travel spots.

With any purchase of sight unseen you run the risk of the vacation NOT being what you expected. You can be fairly sure that your accommodations will be as advertised when you purchase from the large travel web sites.

This leads us to why the “travel review” sites are so popular. You can go … Read More

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Moving Day and My Father’s Simple Way of Saving Money

Over the last few years, society has made it easier for us to spend money and has provided us with a huge array of goodies on which to spend it. We use debit cards, credit cards, and finance everything from yachts to our next baby. Additionally, the attitude of spending is expressed all around us, through the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, art of advertising. When combined with that ease of spending, it is easy to understand why we spend more than we save, and many of us are feeling the crunch of debt, even at higher income levels.

Now, I am not against spending. In fact, my personal participation in the phenomenon was recently brought home to me when I moved to a new home.

I have got a lot of stuff!

The sad part is that a large chunk of it was not really necessary. There were … Read More

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