Identifying Early Royal Doulton Ladies Figurines HN1-100 1913-1938

Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies HN1-100

This was Royal Doulton’s first line of figurines and was sometimes also referred to as the ‘Fair Ladies’. Where possible, I have listed the name of the figurine, the model number, the designers name and the production year. Please bare in mind that these pretty ladies are some of the rarest, hard to find royal doulton ladies you will ever come across and if you are lucky enough to actually find one of these models in an auction or jumble sale somewhere, then by gosh you should bid/buy/haggle do whatever it takes to get hold of it because these extremely rare collectable royal doulton figurines do not come up very often!

The other option for finding these rare ceramic figurines is of course, auction house but many of these hard to find, royal doulton figurines will not be available at auctions because they are indeed … Read More

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