Lane watch: Wholesale atmosphere improves for independent dealerships


Fall’s arrival appears to be bringing welcomed relief for independent dealerships looking to build their inventory. Black Book explained why through its latest COVID-19 Market Insights released on Tuesday.

Analysts recapped in the report, “This past week, we saw more independents being the successful bidder. This is a welcome sight as we’ve talked to so many buyers that struggled over the summer to compete with the money the larger buyers were willing to spend to secure inventory.”

Not only are those larger buyers such as CarMax and Carvana easing back, Black Book is seeing that independent stores and dealerships in general aren’t having to dip into the floorplan funds as much for wholesale units.

According to volume-weighted data, analysts determined that overall car segment values decreased 0.66% over the last week. That decline nearly doubled the figure Black Book recorded during the prior week when car

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58 more cases in Lane County; President Trump in hospital


Lane County Public Health reported 58 additional positive COVID-19 cases Friday, a one-day record.

Contact tracers on Friday gathered information about the new cases. Jason Davis, a spokesman for Lane County Public Health, said tracers found a majority came from college-age students, particularly 19- and 20-year-olds.

While the county’s initial post-Labor Day spike was traced back mostly to intimate social gatherings, the county is now seeing multiple outbreaks related to large college parties as well.

“We have to stop these parties,” Davis said. “There is no room to have those kind of social gatherings right now and especially if we’re asking people to not have birthday parties or weddings.”

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President Trump heads to Walter Reed hospital

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Lane watch: Floors not expected to change even as values continue to soften


Wholesale values are continuing their typical autumn descent, according to the COVID-19 Market Insights released by Black Book on Tuesday.

However, analysts and auction observers noticed that consignors aren’t budging much when it comes to the floors for the limited volume of vehicles going through the wholesale market nowadays.

With that scenario as the backdrop, Black Book got into the details of the latest price movements for both cars and trucks.

Based on volume-weighted data, Black Book determined overall car segment values decreased 0.37% over the past week, nearly mimicking the exact drop seen during the previous week that was 0.38%.

Dealers who needed midsize cars might have found bargains when the hammer came down as Black Book said values for those particular units dropped 0.89% this past week.

Conversely, analysts found that values in the luxury car segment rose 0.37%, “but it is expected that will

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