Louisiana lawmakers begin Special Session in Baton Rouge | KTVE

WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Louisiana lawmakers are making their way to Baton Rouge to begin their 30-day Special Session.

State Representative, Patrick Jefferson, said they will hammer out dozens, if not hundreds, of bills for the next 30 days.

“This is a unique time in our history,” Jefferson said. “I’m hopeful that we will put aside politics and division and that we will see that we are indeed better together.”

Jefferson said among the 70 items, Hurricane Laura recovery efforts, the ongoing issues with coronavirus and how it relates to the economy, and the state’s unemployment trust fund are at the forefront of the agenda.

“Athletics, education, health,” Jefferson said. “There will be some contentions as it relates to business and the average citizen to see what we can do to help as we are still in the midst of this pandemic.”

A number of house lawmakers also want to

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After Tesla’s direct sales deal, lawmakers seek to stop similar companies from following suit

LANSING — The fate of electric car sales in Michigan is up in the air as lawmakers debate a new bill to continue to prevent most electric car manufacturers from selling their cars without a franchise dealership.

Direct sales of vehicles are already banned in Michigan, but a federal lawsuit settled in January between the state and electric car company Tesla, carved out a workaround.

“This has created a problem. This has created a real problem to have an unregulated, non-licensed group selling cars, competing with us and our manufacturers,” said Kurt Berryman, Director of Legislative Affairs for the Michigan Auto Dealers Association.

Under the settlement with the state Attorney General, Tesla can service, sell, and deliver vehicles in Michigan, but they have to use a subsidiary. The vehicles also have to be titled in another state and then transferred to Michigan. Before the settlement, Tesla vehicles had to be

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