Leather In Our Modern Culture

Leather And Our Modern Society

Leather, due to its excellent ability to resist abrasion, found a use in different social occupations. The thoughts and images of cowboys in leather chaps eventually gave way to men wearing leather jackets on motorcycles, to protect them from road rash and wind-blast, and aviators wearing leather helmets. Some motorcycle riders also wear chaps or full leather pants to protect the lower body. So many sports today still use leather to help in playing the game or protecting players (i.e. baseball, football, soccer, etc.). Due to the flexible nature of leather, it can be formed and flexed for whatever the occasion may be. As leather can also be used as a term for things made from it, the term leathering is also used in the same sense as tanning in the term “physical punishment” (such as a severe spanking) applied with a leather strap. Certain … Read More

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Buying a Leather Sofa – Five Tips For Choosing the Best Sofa

A leather sofa is a good choice at any time to bring elegance to a room. Leather furniture has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the most indestructible materials for a piece of furniture that will be sat on, sipped on and spilled on. Leather furniture instantly adds style and sophistication to any room. Buying a leather sofa has lots of options and can be purchased from furniture stores and online. Here are a few tips to choosing the leather sofa that’s right for you and your family.

1. Comfort – The spring type and cushion make the difference between a really comfortable sofa and one that’s moderately comfortable. Two of the main types of cushioning are down and foam. More couches are filled with foam than down, which is basically feathers, and the foam version is going to be less expensive. The down version will … Read More

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