Operation Cobra: How the 82nd Recon Battalion Led the Charge From Normandy

Watching over the reconnaissance scouts were a number of nimble but completely unarmed spotter aircraft flown by pilots assigned to the 2nd Armored Division Artillery. Flying out ahead of the armored column, these “Maytag Messerschmitts” (one nickname for the lightweight liaison planes) could both provide early warning to ground commanders and request immediate close air support in the form of P-47 Thunderbolts from U.S. IX Tactical Fighter Command. Air liaison officers riding with the 82nd Recon were also in contact with these flights of fighter-bombers, standing by to destroy the deadliest targets.

Traffic congestion, made worse by heavily cratered roadways, initially slowed the attack force’s progress. Once past Canisy, though, the column picked up speed. The first objective: Quibou, one and a half miles distant.

Just outside that tiny hamlet, Company A encountered the Panzer Lehr Division. Here, 16-year-old radioman Private William A. “Chicken” Nawrocki’s jeep took a wrong turn

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Special prosecutor wants to examine car in fatal crash that led to Berwyn cop’s death

A special prosecutor said he wants to examine a truck driven by a Plainfield man facing drunk driving charges in connection with a deadly car crash that led to the death of a Berwyn police officer.

On Tuesday, Special Prosecutor Bill Elward of the Office of the State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor told Judge Ben Braun during a court hearing for Joliet police officer Erin Zilka, 36, that the owner of a Nissan truck driven by Rodrigo Marin, 43, has sought the return of the vehicle. Elward said he spoke with Zilka’s attorney Jeff Tomczak about the issue.

“I’ve instructed the state police not to do that until both myself and Mr. Tomczak had a chance to take a look at the vehicle,” Elward said.

Zilka and Marin were arrested following a multi-vehicle car crash on Interstate 55 that led to the death of Berwyn police officer Charles Schauer, 33, who

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Lawsuit claims local auto dealer’s lie led to catastrophic brain damage

A Tarrant County family is suing Don Davis Auto Group alleging dishonest sale of a Toyota Tundra that, according to the lawsuit, led to the catastrophic brain damage of a Hurst man.

A spokesperson for the auto group did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The lawsuit, which seeks $70 million, claims that plaintiff Daniel Todd Arnold was left with brain damage when his wife was driving and got into a minor single-car accident in September 2017.

The roof of the car, which the lawsuit claims Arnold was told by a salesman was made out of “super steel,” folded back like a “cheap tomato can” and damaged his brain, the suit claims.

The lawsuit calls him incapacitated.

Arnold was in the front passenger seat. His daughter and a friend were in the back seat, according to the lawsuit, and were not injured. Arnold’s wife sustained minor injuries.


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Car LED Light Buyer’s Guide

Lighting is part of any residential, commercial and even personal property essentials. Lighting is especially crucial for a driver as it illuminates their way particularly in extreme weather. Properly functioning headlights, interior lights and tail lights are crucial for any vehicle and as such, choosing the right type of lights will help make the drive safe. Many car owners opt for LED lights not only because they are energy-efficient and would last longer than standard lighting fixture, they are also cost-effective and safe.

LED Car Light Types

Choosing the light type depends on what one needs it for; either one wants to completely replace their car’s lights or are just looking for replacement bulbs. For your car’s headlights, halo headlights or “angel eyes” are popular as the light being emitted is ultra-bright making it easier for drivers to see even in dark environments during the day or night-time. A branded … Read More

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How To Make More Sales – How Can Car Dealers Sell More Cars With LED Signs

If you are in the business of selling cars you know better than any of us how the downturn in the economy has hurt business. There was a time when you barely had enough time to get all the cars you were selling out the door, now sometimes days go by without a single car being sold. It is in times like this that savvy business owners learn how to adapt. One of the best ways to get more sales is to tap into areas of your market which has been left stagnant for some time.

Advertising is the means by which most people will hear about your business. The internet is the number one way you should be advertising people are using it more and more. Yet did you know that studies have shown that outdoor advertising comes in a close second behind the internet? Not only is it … Read More

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