The Arc NCR’s “Let’s Get Wild” Gala Going Virtual

Every year, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (The Arc NCR) invites community partners and supporters to unite for its largest and most impactful fundraising event – the After d’Arc Gala. This year’s gala, scheduled for Friday, October 30 from 6:30-7:30 pm, will be presented differently in a new, virtual format as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With support from Title Sponsor Freedom Federal Credit Union, the event promises to be a unique, fun-filled celebration of the organization’s vital work on behalf of those with differing abilities.

This year’s event offers a “Let’s Get Wild” theme and will feature an inspiring program, informative videos and a silent auction. Attendees will also have the option to enjoy a gourmet boxed meal, available for pick-up and enjoyment at home on the day of the event. Meals will be provided by Water’s Edge Events Center (4867 Millennium Drive in Belcamp) with menu options

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Convertible Bonds: Hybrid Bond Lets You Get Paid to Wait While Reducing Some Risks

Hybrid Bond Investment Increases Income and Reduces Some Risks.

Summer fun may include long drives along the coast in a two-seater cruising along with the top down. While the summer season has come and gone and it may be time to park the sporty auto and put the top back up as cooler seasons and inclement weather approach, consider this: Convertibles can be used in investing, too, and can offer more than just driving fun. Convertible Bonds, a hybrid investment, are always in fashion as part of any all-weather diversified investment portfolio.

Hybrids are all the rage with auto buyers. And convertibles are a perennial favorite of auto enthusiasts. Both can be part of a long-term investment portfolio, too.

Convertible Bonds may be unfamiliar to most investors but they are a great tool for helping to minimize risk in any investment portfolio. Convertible Bonds are hybrid investment vehicles that offer … Read More

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Let’s Learn More About How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Do you have the right car insurance? Well, many people think that it is a must to have the right car insurance. It will be better if you get the best one with cheap auto insurance. While most people know whether they have liability, collision or comprehensive coverage, some people pay much attention to their insurance coverage until after they have been in an accident, the others just do not really care about it.

Shopping for car insurance is an important planning topic that is often overlooked since most teenagers are added to mom and dad’s insurance policy when they first get behind the wheel and then later shop for the least expensive policy when they have to the pay the bill on their own. In this article, we will be discussing car insurance coverage and so you will get some tips to help you get the most for your … Read More

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