Gotheburg City Using Volvo Electric Buses as Mobile Libraries

Image Source: Volvo Electric Buses Mobile Libraries

Using playfully designed electric buses from Volvo, the City of Gothenburg in Sweden wants to get more children to read. Since the new mobile libraries are both emissions free and quiet, they can drive into zero emission zones and even into buildings. Since the premier tour in early September, Gothenburg’s two new mobile libraries have made many road users take notice. While one bus is designed to look like a fairy-tale forest, the other is reminiscent of a vessel for going underwater or into outer space. The purpose of the playful designs and interiors is to get more people, especially families with children, to discover all the possibilities offered by the mobile libraries. Not only can you borrow and return books everyone is

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The Role of Mobile Libraries in Supporting Education


A Mobile library refers to a suitably equipped and reinforced vehicle or bus that visits schools according to a regular schedule, with a resources collection that may be borrowed by learners and teachers. It can also be used to refresh a school’s resource collection by issuing of block loans. This model of library is operated from a central library/depot of resources, such as regional or district education resource center. The mobile library service was initiated chiefly to alleviate the demands for library service at the main libraries by reaching out to the general population with the sole aim of providing accurate and current information to meet the needs in rural schools.

Butdisuwan (2000), defined Mobile library as a library that serves communities and locations that are distant from a local library. They are mostly run from Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturdays.

Knight (2006), defined Mobile Library as … Read More

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