Lawsuit claims local auto dealer’s lie led to catastrophic brain damage

A Tarrant County family is suing Don Davis Auto Group alleging dishonest sale of a Toyota Tundra that, according to the lawsuit, led to the catastrophic brain damage of a Hurst man.

A spokesperson for the auto group did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The lawsuit, which seeks $70 million, claims that plaintiff Daniel Todd Arnold was left with brain damage when his wife was driving and got into a minor single-car accident in September 2017.

The roof of the car, which the lawsuit claims Arnold was told by a salesman was made out of “super steel,” folded back like a “cheap tomato can” and damaged his brain, the suit claims.

The lawsuit calls him incapacitated.

Arnold was in the front passenger seat. His daughter and a friend were in the back seat, according to the lawsuit, and were not injured. Arnold’s wife sustained minor injuries.


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