Believe the Benefits of the Gas to Liquids Process

The process of turning solid coal into gas sounds unbelievable. There are many benefits to the procedure, including being able to access the coal buried deep in the earth, 85 percent of which is inaccessible using current methods. However, the idea of turning gas to liquids seems even less plausible. Few people would believe that the solid coal one might encounter underground could be changed to liquid, let alone used to fuel our cars. Believe it or not, the gas to liquids method works, and it comes with many benefits.

The gas to liquids process creates clean fuel after going through underground coal gasification, or UCG, while it lies beneath the earth’s surface. The gas to liquids process is instrumental in the underground coal gasification procedure, as it converts the coal from a solid to synthesis gas, also called syngas. This is performed through a catalytic reaction, resulting in syngas … Read More

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