TODAY in COURT: Suspect in Rio Dell Murder Turns Down Plea Bargain; Woman Accused of Driving Into Crowd of McK Protesters Pleads Not Guilty | Lost Coast Outpost

suspect Demetrius Coleman has turned down a plea bargain that would
have given him a chance for parole if he is convicted and sent to
state prison.
morning Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer, the trial
prosecutor, told Judge Christopher Wilson that Coleman was offered a
deal to plead guilty to first-degree murder and a firearms charge,
with the sentencing judge deciding what the term should be for the
weapons violation.

defendant has rejected that offer,” Schaffer said, “knowing that
he is facing life without possibility of parole if he is convicted as


it stands Coleman is charged with murder with the special
circumstance of firing a gun from a vehicle. If convicted, he would
be sentenced to life without parole. His trial is scheduled to begin
Oct. 5 and last one month.

Wilson questioned Coleman, who appeared on videocamera

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The Good Old Days – Cars We’ve Loved and Lost

Lately I’ve found myself reminiscing about the cars I’ve owned throughout my life, the feelings I had behind the wheel of each and which one I miss the most. Whilst I have a lot of fond memories created around all the cars I’ve owned, the one I absolutely regret selling and still wish I had to this day is my old BMW E39 540i M sport.

Man, what a whole lot of car for the money! I loved it, everything from the subtle but amazing style of the exterior, with the M sport body kit giving away that there was slightly more going on with this car than met the eye, to the way it felt to drive, to the sound of the 4.4L V8 engine, and the smoothness of the power delivery.

And it was no slouch in the power department either, given it was meant to be a … Read More

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