Lucid Motors prices its most affordable Air luxury EV

Lucid Motors promised a more affordable version of its Air luxury electric sedan, and now we know just how affordable that model will be. Kicking off from $77,400, the entry-level Air will rely on the US federal tax incentive for EVs to potentially bring its starting price down to $69,900.

In return you’ll get what Lucid expects to be 406 miles of range from the standard battery. As for power, there’ll be 480 horsepower, Lucid says; there’ll be a single motor configuration as well as a dual-motor option that adds all-wheel drive to the electric car.

Unveiled officially last month, the 2021 Lucid Air aims to take on Tesla with a high-style, high-performance electric-first drivetrain. Figuring that EV owners won’t be willing to compromise on either power or range, it’ll offer as much as 517 miles on a full charge. Lucid has also inked a deal with Electrify America in

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Tesla, Lucid, VW ID.4, and California Dreams

From Car and Driver

In which we all talk a lot about EVs even though no one is really buying them.

Another week, another seven dollars. Unless you’re Elon Musk, in which case the saying goes: Another week, another multi-billion-dollar loss in stock valuation. It’s hard to say whether the news in the world at large has gotten worse in the last week, but it certainly hasn’t gotten better. In the automotive sector, though, things are largely continuing apace. Except that continuing apace means more electric vehicles than it used to. Here are the details.

Lowering Expectations

Tesla held its highly anticipated Battery Day event and shareholder conference this week. Tesla-watchers hoped the event would include an announcement of the company’s much-hinted-at million-mile battery, or the promise of cheaper battery technology that would allow the company to either build cheaper cars. Instead, Musk told investors that the company’s planned battery

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