Online Auto Sales, a Rising Trend Post COVID-19: The Michael Oz, Online Auto Broker Since 2012, Launching Online Luxury Car Subscriptions & Yacht Charters in Palm Beach

Online Auto Sales, a Rising Trend Post COVID-19: The Michael Oz, Online Auto Broker Since 2012, Launching Online Luxury Car Subscriptions & Yacht Charters in Palm Beach

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 21, 2020 –(– The pandemic has resulted in auto sales plummeting globally – a quarterly decline of 10.4 percent for sales in the U.S. was reported at the end Q1 2020. However, as there is a record-breaking increase in e-commerce across industries, online car buying options are emerging as increasingly appealing to consumers in times of COVID-19. What may have been an extra feature, touchless delivery, has become the new norm.

The COVID-19 crisis may have upended auto sales throughout USA, but it has certainly accelerated online sales for the auto industry, making it the latest trend for car dealers, retailers, and even manufacturers. That’s now, but for the past decade or so, this industry has been largely reluctant to embrace online sales due to the fear of disrupting their profitable showroom operations. Although, a few manufacturers like Tesla have been selling vehicles online for years,

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‘Now That’s A Special Delivery’ Jennifer Williams Gifts Herself a Luxury Car for Her Birthday Months After Her Ex Allegedly Stole Her Car

Former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has a lot to be thankful for this year as she celebrates her 46th birthday with a newly acquired white Rolls-Royce coupe.

Williams shared a video post on Sept. 17 showing the car being delivered to her house. She captioned the video “The Bible says when something gets stolen from you, you get it back sevenfold… from one RR to the next.. #Upgrade #GodIsThePlug#HappyBirthdayToMeFromMe#ProgressiveIStillNeedMyCheck#DontAskMeAboutThatRangeAnymore#Proverbs6:31 #JenniferWilliamsProductions.” Many fans raved over the birthday girl’s extravagant gift.

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams flashing her pearly whites. (Photo: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

One fan said, “Look at God!!!🙌🏾❤️🔥😍.”

“Pull up game Severe💯🔥❤️🙏🏾,” a second fan wrote.

A third fan gushed, “That thang is MEAAANNNNNNNN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

“Now that’s a special delivery 😍,” a fourth fan replied.

A fifth fan cheered, “👏🙌🔥🙏🏽Go Queen.”

This comes after the reality star took to Instagram on April 24 to accuse her ex Aaron Nichols of stealing her car. She stated,

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Bargain-priced hatch that has same feature as luxury cars

The adage of good things in small packages has come to fruition.

Often in the annals of automotive history we’ve seen compact cars hit showrooms aimed at securing the bargain basement market. Small cars such as the Kia Rio are defying the past.

Packed with the latest gear, the recently updated Rio makes a play for younger and tech-savvy buyers.

Base model Rio S variants start from $18,990 drive-away and come with a big screen boasting smartphone mirroring capabilities we’ve previously only seen on high-end European models.

Our experience was behind the range-topping Rio GT-Line, which at $24,490 is about $500 more expensive than what was being asked this time last year, but remains a whole lot of car for your cash.

The Kia Rio 2021 models come with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Kia Rio 2021 models come with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The new eight-inch main touchscreen dominates the dash within a cabin that feels premium.

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An Altogether Sportier Luxury Yacht Charter – Aboard a Mangusta 108

Enjoy the wonders of a luxury yacht charter on the Mediterranean onboard FOUR FRIENDS luxury yacht, specifically designed for speed and comfort.

The Mangusta 108 is a maxi open with absolutely stunning lines. The 5,400 horsepower of the twin engines awakens your senses as you skim across the Mediterranean Sea at 35 knots… Motor yacht Four Friends has a sporty nature and combines high-performance with the personalization and comfort of a traditional motor yacht. Lunch in the midst of the world’s jet set at the infamous club55, Saint Tropez, an afternoon of jet skiing and water sports, or just relax and be pampered by the onboard masseuse whilst at anchor in a secluded bay. The craggy coast of Corsica, the marvellous beaches of Sardinia, the unsurpassed pure style of Portofino or the beautiful tranquil bays of the islands of Porquerolles are journeys Four Friends takes in her stride.

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Luxury Boating Industry in India

In ancient times, India was well known for its prosperity, education and science. The Portuguese arrived in India in 1498 to trade spices. In the 1600s, the Dutch, the French and the English followed and set up their own trading centers in the country. The British East India Company was very aggressive in expanding their trade, and soon started trading in many commodities, such as cotton, silk, salt, opium, and tea. The Company had its own private army to protect their trading posts. This resulted in conflicts between the local rulers in India and the British East India Company. The British government sent a larger force to India and provided funding to expand the Indian British army. Soon the British were not just traders, but became the rulers of India, and were creating more revenue by taxing the locals. By 1819, the British were in control of almost all of … Read More

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Luxury Car Market Growing Rapidly

The demand for luxury vehicles is rising in China and upcoming markets. Tata Motors Ltd., Jaguar Land Rover owner, reported an increase of 18% in its fourth-quarter profit.

The automaker, based in Mumbai, reported a net income increase from 22.3 billion rupees per year to 26.3 billion rupees, which equals $581 million.

Bloomberg compiled 19 analyst estimates, the average of which showed a 26.9 billion rupee profit.

The global surge in demand for luxury vehicles has prompted the need for Jaguar Land Rover waiting lists. To meet the need for cars in the U.S. and China, Volkswagen AG’s Audi division is hiring additional workers to expand production.

Tata Motors said in January that Jaguar sales in China rose about 50% last year, and Land Rover automobile sales more than doubled. Tata Motors sold over 26,000 cars in China, its third largest market. On its website, the company stated its plans … Read More

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Luxury Cars With Convertible Tops – The Best of Both Worlds

For years, a convertible roof was a feature only offered with sports cars or muscle cars. Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and other similar vehicles would always come with a convertible option, giving their drivers a unique top down, wind in the hair experience. These convertibles offered a feeling of freedom that most drivers could only envy. However, for those drivers who preferred luxury automobiles, there were other restrictions to worry about. Most luxury vehicles were designed to offer a smooth, comfortable driving experience, not a fast, sporty one. With the exception of Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, which always had a focus on combining speed with high end amenities, other luxury automotive companies couldn’t provide a similar exhilarating driving experience. When the manufacturer saw a demand for a car that combined sportiness and classic luxury, a new option arose: the luxury convertible car.

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Michigan State Auctions Offer Affordable Luxury Cars

Michigan State auctions are the ideal place to get affordable luxury cars.  Just like all auto auctions, the main benefit is the opportunity to find a quality vehicle with a fantastic deal.  There are numerous auction houses at Michigan State auctions that hold open public car auctions. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to get one that constantly features such splendor cars.

If you are merely looking for luxury cars and nothing else, you will then have two choices.  The first is to keep a heedful watch over impending auctions that are located all over the state.  Once you discover one that has a number of these cars, it is time to journey.  However, there are many downsides of this method.  The main disadvantage is that it can be hard to keep track of every forthcoming auction, not to mention undergoing all the stock listings.

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