Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Dealers – Does It Work?

Over the past decade, internet marketing and advertising have overtaken direct marketing as many business’ primary forms of advertising. According to eMarketer, online advertising spending has grown more than 13% each year since 2003, rising from a $7.3 billion industry in 2003 to a projected $36.5 billion industry in 2011. Automotive dealerships and retailers, which tend to rely on more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, have begun to shift their advertising dollars into the digital realm as well.

But are internet marketing strategies really more effective than traditional marketing, such as direct mail, for auto dealers? To be sure, online marketing strategies such as PPC advertising, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are becoming more popular, but is this due to simple popularity trends or is it because traditional advertising simply doesn’t work anymore? After all, just because consumers spend more time online today doesn’t mean they … Read More

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