Remembering Malaysia’s first special forces mission

ON this day 60 years ago, Malaysia’s (Malaya then) first ever contribution to a United Nations’ peacekeeping operation, the Malayan Special Force (MSF), departed for the Congo.

Earlier, on Sept 28, 1960, the wheeled element consisting of 18 Ferret armoured cars and all soft-skinned vehicles and stores motored down to the Royal Malaysian Naval Base in Woodlands, Singapore, awaiting the arrival of two US Navy landing ship, tanks (LSTs).

After loading, we departed Woodlands on the evening of Oct 2 for Port Swettenham (now Klang).

The two LSTs arrived at Port Swettenham at 0800 hours. At the wharf, we joined the main contingent, which was already formed up, for the address by the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Alhaj.

The scene at the port was spectacular, the area packed with relatives, friends, well-wishers and others who had arrived to send off this special force.

The full complement of 43

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