Top 3 Advantages of a Car DVR That Make the Device a Must For All Car Owners

Because of the challenges of insecurity in the present society, the Car DVR is now a tool for people who would like to keep their vehicle under surveillance against theft or accidents. Yet, most people have not come to appreciate its importance as a security and safety facility for their cars.

The term “DVR” means digital video recorder. Here are top 3 benefits you can derive from a car DVR if it is installed in your car.

First and foremost, it is advisable to get the DVR system for all vehicles, most especially emergency vehicles like taxis or cabs since they pick and drop people throughout the day. If you unknowingly pick up an alcoholic passenger at a late night time, you may be in a dangerous situation. Nonetheless, if the digital video recorder is already installed in your car, it will offer you extra security. You will be able … Read More

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The Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform

The bigger a fleet is the harder it can be to monitor each truck for safety. The Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) is a low cost solution to this problem. You can ensure your fleet’s CSA compliance, reduce cost of operating, and monitor the behavior of your drivers all while sticking to the Qualcomm MCP50 pricing that works for your company. The MCP50 offers useful applications such as hours of service, vehicle inspection reports, in-cab navigation, near real time performance monitoring, and critical event reporting. You also get two-way automated messaging allowing you to contact each driver in an instant.

The Qualcomm MCP50 installation is quick and the 7 inch touch screen is easy to interact with. With the two-way automated messaging drivers are able to receive critical information safely and respond when appropriate. While the vehicle is in motion the driver will receive audible alerts that they have a … Read More

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Mobile Oil Change Business in the Bay Area – Does it Make Any Sense?

Due to the economy recovering or at least it appears that it might be, many are now considering it’s time to pull the trigger and start their own company. Many folks have been laid off long enough now that they’ve depleted their savings and resources. So, they’ll need to start a business that doesn’t cost a lot to get into. This is where a mobile service business can come in.

The entrepreneur can get a loan for a vehicle from a car dealership, buy some equipment on a lease, and get busy marketing to get customers. Not long ago, I was discussing this topic with an individual considering on starting a mobile oil change business and he stated;

“I’ve been thinking on and off for years about doing this [a mobile oil change company] and now I feel the need to seriously revisit this opportunity. I live in California, the … Read More

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Car DVD – A Transformation For Your Vehicle

Technology has done it again with their new car DVD. DVD systems for your cars have been available for quite a while now, but they are nothing like the new ones that have hit the market. These new players even come with touch screen capabilities where everything is done with the simple touch of your finger.

You can have the DVD player mounted into your dash or choose to have it easily accessible in your center consul. Many of the players have different attributes that can be used while you are on the road as well. Such attributes include Bluetooth capabilities and GPS.

GPS is used as a means to navigate where you are going. It helps eliminate you having to ask anyone for directions or even carry a road map when you are going to territories that you may have never encountered.

After you obtain a car DVD, of … Read More

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Mobile Valeting Service – The Right Choice to Keep Your Car Clean

Is your car dirty and parked in your porch? Are you having a heavy workload and unable to do a car wash? Want to give your car a service while parked at your office parking area? Take your phone and call a mobile valeting service to help you in these situations.

Mobile valeting services offer the customer almost a complete car care service. Many companies and websites are available, who provide services like basic car wash to whole car professional works, at your place, nowadays. Some companies provide a wide variety of services other than servicing, like interior works, professional advices, etc. Not only cars, vehicles like tractors, agricultural vehicles, caravans, etc. can also be serviced by these facilities.

Think how much effort you should put to completely clean your car, if you are doing it all yourself. Firstly, you should clean all your seats, vacuum the fitted mats, shampoo … Read More

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Ham Radio Mobile Antenna Mount Considerations

Mobile communications antennas come in all different sizes and shapes. They also are designed for operation on various frequencies usually divided into various communications services. Some the communications services include the business band, maritime mobile, citizens band (CB radio), etc.. Regardless of the frequency or band of the antenna there are several common considerations to think through when considering both the type and location of mobile radio antenna mounts. This article will review the major issues and discuss options to consider.

Each type of antenna and mount needs to have a good ground and a good ground plane. While the need for this will vary by frequency, having a good ground and ground plane is desired for every frequency in practical terms. Many base station antennas use the physical ground, enhanced through the use of ground radial wires or not, to help form a take-off point for radio waves being … Read More

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Illegal To Use a Handheld Cell Phone Whilst Driving

In the United Kingdom, a law has just been passed which forbids drivers to use mobile phones whilst on the move. In fact, this is not quite true as the law has been around for some considerable time. Yet the authorities are cracking down on the use of mobile phones on the move and making it a more serious offense.

Up until February 1st, using a mobile phone on the move could lead to a fine of approximately $60. This was hardly a deterrent and people could be seen at all times using the telephone. There have been a number of instances when pedestrians have been killed because of drivers using mobile phones and losing control of their vehicles. The 60-dollar fine was not much of a deterrent for most people. Therefore, on the 1st of February the fine has been increased to $120 together with three points endorsement on … Read More

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Car Video Back Up and Automotive Visual Systems Considered

Perhaps you have not been following the new automotive technologies out there these days? We all have seen the back up cameras on large recreational vehicles to assist the driver right? Well now you can get such systems on many high-end luxury cars and SUVs. The car video back up systems are a pretty cool option indeed.

But now some automotive manufacturers are taking this concept to a whole new level. Lexus for instance now has a self-parking video system, so you can set it and allow the car to park itself while you watch on the video to make sure it does it correctly you see? Now some day these kinds of electronic video features will be on all cars and eventually all cars should be able to park themselves.

Imagine this new Lexus car feature on your current car? You drive up set the system and it will … Read More

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Various Types of Car Alarms and Vehicle Security Systems

Thousands of cars are stolen every year; the number of these incidents can be reduced by using secure locking systems. Protecting your car from theft or burglary is your own responsibility. Many anti-theft equipment, security devices, etc., designed as per the latest technology, are available at affordable prices. Let’s discuss about different types of car alarms that can enhance the car’s safety and security.

Types of car alarms

Factory alarms: These are offered by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These are built in the car at the time of manufacturing the car. They can be of two types: active or passive.

Active alarm: Active alarms require the owner/user of the car to switch them on before leaving and locking the car. A car alarm can be activated using a transmitter button and the choice of switching on the alarm rests in the interest of the car owner/user. One disadvantage is … Read More

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Protecting Vacuum Trucks With Mobile Ground Verification

When it comes to safe vacuum truck operations, it is important to take certain precautionary measures, especially when engaged in a hazardous procedure such as transporting combustible materials. When working in such a volatile atmosphere, a vehicle should be equipped with an electrostatic mobile grounding verification (MGV) system. Before buying, it is important to learn more about such preventive equipment.


When unfamiliar with this new technology, the first thing to be asked is the what is it and what does it do. How it can increase the safety of vacuum trucks is a questions that can be easily answered. The Mobile Ground Verification system is a tool that provides integrity to the monitoring and verification of vehicle grounding conditions in order to prevent an electrostatic charge. When a tank or truck chassis can no longer contain accumulated current during its operation, sparks will eventually be produced. Installing this tool … Read More

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