How blocks of bush land are selling for the price of a car as people turn their backs on city life

Regional blocks of land are being sold for as little as $23,000 as city slickers move away from urban centres to seek a simpler life in the country in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic, large scale unemployment and an enormous increase in working from home has seen thousands of Australians look for properties away from big cities.

Prospective buyers are searching for locations based on lifestyle requirements, leading many to look into regional, coastal and country lots to develop their dream home.

Real estate agents outside of Australia’s major cities have noted a dramatic increase in city-based clients looking for a change of scenery, with cheap empty lots not far from urban centres providing potential dream locations for buyers.

Thousands of Australians are looking to move to regional areas away from cities where lots like 6 View Street in Lalbert in northern Victoria are being offered for $23,500 (pictured)

6 Park Road in Kerang is around three hours drive from Melbourne and is being offered for $30,000, offering huge potential for a new start

6 Park

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Governments Are Forcing People Into Dirty Company Cars

European taxpayers are paying €32 billion ($38 billion) each year on polluting petrol or diesel cars, according to a new study released this week by the environmental NGO Transport & Environment.

Six out of ten cars in Europe are owned by companies or organisations who give them to their employees to use. Almost all of these are powered by fossil fuels, the study finds, despite the increasing availability of electric vehicles. The 10 largest leasing companies alone – including BMW’s Alphabet and Daimler’s Athlon – cause 8% of EU car CO2 emissions because they are driven over twice as many miles as private cars, according to the study.

The problem is particularly acute in countries with high income tax that allow companies to pay employees with tax-free benefits instead of cash in order to lessen the heavy income

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Future of people driving around country in private cars is ‘fantasy built on cheap oil’

Dublin City Architect Ali Grehan has said the future of people driving around the country in private cars is a moribund “fantasy built on cheap oil”.

Ms Grehan is advocating for the permanent allocation of open public space in the capital, following its increased temporary use to limit the spread of Covid-19.

She was one of a number of speakers at Thursday’s Open House Dublin online “Big Debate – Dublin’s Fair City”, organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation, discussing the creation of city space in the context of the pandemic experience.

“We can do astonishing things when we have to,” Ms Grehan said, regarding the change in social behaviour and Dublin City Council’s Covid-19 mobility measures that aim to free up space for alternative mobility.

“Just at the very basic level, those temporary measures we do need to make them beautiful. We need to make them permanent. I think we

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Icahn Automotive Appoints Elisa Bannon-Jones Chief People Officer and Deborah Brundage Chief Marketing Officer

Bannon-Jones and Brundage to lead the Human Resources and Marketing Strategies

Icahn Automotive, an Icahn Enterprises L.P. company, which owns and operates leading service provider Pep Boys, has announced the appointment of two senior executives: Elisa Bannon-Jones as Chief People Officer (CPO) and Deborah Brundage as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Bannon-Jones will lead the overall human resources strategy, overseeing compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, and performance and development. Brundage will direct the Company’s marketing, communications, and customer experience strategies, with a strong focus on consumer insights and digital engagement.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Elisa Bannon-Jones, Chief People Officer (Photo: Business Wire)

Brian Kaner, CEO – Service said, “Our people and customers are central to everything we do. Elisa and Deborah both bring significant executive expertise and unique perspectives that we are confident will strengthen our culture, enhance our customer experience, and improve our

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Palo Alto looks to launch ‘safe parking’ program for people living in cars | News

When Move Mountain View launched its “safe lots” program in 2018, it faced a daunting but critical mission: provide temporary shelter to the growing population of vehicle dwellers parked on city streets at two church parking lots and help these individuals obtain permanent housing.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the program both expanded and adjusted its mission. It added two large new Mountain View lots: one at Shoreline Amphitheater that can accommodate 30 vehicles and another at a former Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority site on East Evelyn Avenue and Pioneer Way with room for about 29 vehicles. Its lots became shelter-in-place havens for their inhabitants, with monthly testing for the virus, a food program that serves meals to residents and monthly visits from a medical team, said Amber Stime, the nonprofit’s executive director.

Its five lots accommodate about 132 individuals, Simes said. So far, all of them have

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Platform aims to help dealers further improve people skills amid pandemic


Quantum5 is a social advocacy platform that seeks to digitally transform automotive buying by shifting to a “lifetime value model” instead of the transactional model of the past.

The company uses a “social advocacy learning platform” of dealership training on people skills and behavioral tactics that it says is necessary to succeed in the digital world of today.

On Wednesday, the company released its community-building platform, called Quantum5, and said it seeks to teach those skills to help fill the void left when on-the-lot car buying went digital during the COVID pandemic.

Quantum5 president and co-founder David O’Brien said his company has heard from dealerships that building relationships has become difficult at a time when most transactions now take place over the phone and e-mail.

In a news release, O’Brien said, “Dealers are coming to us saying, ‘How do service advisors set up the 30k when the

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‘People want to get in their car right now and just drive’: TV series tours ‘Da Parish’ |

The aroma of chargrilled oysters drifts past an impromptu dance floor, where couples sway to King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight.” A trio of pageant queens in sashes, tiaras and rain boots share a tray of freshly boiled shrimp, standing out among the other diners beneath the white canopy.

A darkening sky doesn’t seem to worry the lively locals who’ve shown up on a recent Saturday morning to buy shrimp straight off the trawlers docked along Bayou La Lautre.

The semiannual St. Bernard Parish Seafood Market in Hopedale is just one of a surprising variety of attractions — from a burgeoning arts district and idyllic fishing villages to cultural deep dives and centuries of history — awaiting New Orleans day trippers in the parish right next door.

Tom Gregory, host of New Orleans Public Television’s travel program “GO Coast: Louisiana,” spent a year exploring St. Bernard Parish for a multiepisode

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Warning that more people will start crashing cars into you on purpose

More people will now be looking for insurance payouts by committing insurance fraud, the police and insurance firms have warned.

These crimes range from fake policies offered to struggling motorists on the cheap to claims over accidents that never happened and – in the worst cases – dangerous driving designed to create crashes they can get payouts for.

Ben Fletcher, Insurance Fraud Bureau director, said: “With Covid-19 causing so many people to lose out financially it sadly means there are more opportunities for insurance scammers to exploit the vulnerable.

“These fraudsters don’t care who suffer – from the elderly to key workers, we’ve seen them get targeted.”

Recent figures show fake insurance claims rose by 5% in 2019, but there are concerns the current economic climate could see this figure triple – with fraudulent insurance claims rising by 17% following the 2008 recession.

Currently at least one insurance scam takes

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Auto-antibodies may explain why some people develop severe COVID-19

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic may lead to severe illness in some people, particularly those belonging to high-risk groups. However, the exact disease mechanism is still unclear. It is widely thought that the individual’s immune system determines the response to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, whether it be severe, mild, or even asymptomatic.

Now, a new study by an international team of health experts shows that some life-threatening cases of COVID-19 can be traced to specific weak spots in the patients’ immune system.

The study, published in the journal Science, may explain the erratic effects of the illness to people across the globe.

Study: Auto-antibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19. Image Credit: Kateryna Kon / Shutterstock

Global effort

The research team started gathering data and enrolling patients with COVID-19 in the study in February. During that time, the researchers looked for young people with severe COVID-19 to determine whether these patients might have underlying weaknesses in their immune systems that

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Auto gang targeting kurta-pyjama clad people in Ludhiana busted – cities

Police on Monday busted a three-wheeler gang that robbed at least 40 people in the past two months. The gang used to target people wearing kurta-pyjama as it was easy to take out cash and valuables from their pockets.

Police have recovered 12 stolen mobile phones and three auto rickshaws used in the crime from their possession.

The accused have been identified as Sanjeev Sharma, 28, of Shimlapuri, Rakesh Kumar, 25, Aatma Ram, 27, Karan Kumar, 30, and Amarjeet Singh, 34, all residents of Pratap Nagar area.

Joint commissioner of police, Bhagirath Singh Meena said the accused used to target people on the route between bus stand, Clock Tower and Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, as they assumed that people going to the hospital and markets near Clock Tower carried large sums of money.

The accused were arrested from the Amar Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar Interstate Bus Terminal following a tip-off.

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