Why Are Used Cars Sometimes Advertised At Two Different Prices?

How often have you looked at a used car advertised online for, say, £12,995 and decided to visit the dealership to look at the car. But when you arrived, you discovered that the price on the car was actually £14,995?

It is not unusual for used car dealers to advertise the same car at different prices on different websites, or to have a higher price on the car window and a lower price advertised on the web. There are usually two reasons for this: 1) if a customer hasn’t seen the lower price advertised elsewhere, the dealer can try and sell the car at the higher price; or 2) the dealer can claim that the car has ‘already been reduced’, to try make the car look like a better deal. This strategy is used to stop a customer haggling for a lower price.

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Auto Auction Car Prices – What Can You Expect If You Are Going to Buy From an Auction!

When you decide you need a new car you have many options to get the vehicle you need. There are ways to save money when you are shopping for a used vehicle and you need to know these things. The auto auction car prices that you can get are amazing and you will be shocked at how much car you can get for your money.

You could go to a dealer and find the used vehicle you are looking for, but this might cost you twice as much or more that you would pay at an auction. You can even get a better deal than the dealers allow when you shop for a used vehicle on eBay or other auctions sites. It gets even better when you go to public car auctions.

Another option is to purchase a car from a private party, but you could end up finding many … Read More

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Learn How to Get High Risk Auto Insurance at Low Prices

Drivers who are in need of high risk car insurance often have to pay a lot more than others. This reason is because most of the people in this group have several accidents, moving violations or even DUI’s. Carriers will charge higher prices because in their eyes these types of drivers are more likely to have an accident than another person who only has a little or no citations. Lots of people will even drive around uninsured because they think they can not afford the high cost of coverage. This is not a good idea because they now put themselves in danger of being caught driving without financial responsibility which in most states is illegal and can result in large fines and in some cases your car can be impounded.

There are a few ways to lower the price of high risk auto insurance. When you are shopping around it … Read More

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The Lowest Prices on a Used Car

It’s many years since low prices on a used car have been so much in demand as today, a demand most of us attributes to the economical circumstances the financial crisis has created. Although you can’t expect to get this year’s models at price like this, you can expect a safe car that are functioning normally.

Here are three sources of very cheap cars.

Government Vehicle Auctions

Government auto auctions are probably the places where you most likely will find dirt cheap cars right now. Even though you may not be able to spot it the very first time you enter a car auction, you can rest assure that you will find a fully functional vehicle for as low as $500 or less pretty fast.

Auto Auction Sites

The simplest and easiest way to get the lowest prices on a used car is probably auto auction websites. It is convenient … Read More

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Government Car Auctions – What You Need to Know to Get Great Cars at Cheap Prices

If you’re looking for a used car but still checking on reliable condition, consider auctioning for police impound cars. At any given time, there is always a vehicle that’s about to be auctioned because it was impounded for various reasons. Every state and city auction impounded cars as keeping them in a garage would only cost extra because of the space required. You can check out these auctions, bid on your preferred vehicle and go home with an impressive vehicle.

Vehicles are impounded and auctioned for various reasons. The police impound cars that were involved in a crime or accident. As the police’s use of the auto is already done (investigation was already made) keeping them would be costly. To save money and earn at the same time, government car auctions are held from time to time.

Government auctions are not the type of auctions where there is target bid. … Read More

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