Snack Healthy Review – A Snack Food MLM?

Snack Healthy is another MLM opportunity of the more than 4,800 multi level marketers online today. Let us look at the products and opportunity offered.

Snack Healthy Inc. founded in autumn of 2010 by acting CEO Katherine West and Scott Kufus with headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens FL. is a marketing subsidiary of Healthient corp.

All of the products in their line are “all-natural” with zero fat and packaged with less than 110 calories per serving. Products shown on website are “colibars” all natural fruit and nut bars, “zing” energy strips, mixed berry fiber bars, “crispy” fruit, lite mini pretzels and all natural lite popcorn.

Snack healthy offers an MLM opportunity by direct sales marketing selling the products retail, wholesale and through a team effort by recruiting other marketers. The compensation plan offers commission of ten to forty percent based on volume of sales and ranking level of team members. … Read More

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How to Start a Used Car Business: The Legal and Business Requirements

Starting A Used Car Business:

The Legal and Business Requirements

You may have questions such as what are the requirements to buy and sell used cars? Or more directly, who needs to be registered as a motor vehicle dealer?

In general, like any business, a used car sales business comes with many regulations and rules which must be followed and adhered to. Furthermore, depending upon each individual jurisdiction, the rules and regulations can vary greatly.

Every individual who is the used car sales business, or in trading of motor vehicles, whether as an individual or part of a large enterprise, needs to follow certain rules.

How do I get registered as a motor vehicle dealer?

This process will vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but in general it consists of essentially the same requirements. You must apply to the appropriate department or division of government to obtain a permit or … Read More

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How to Use Pink on Your Car

Many people are drawn to the idea of pink cars, especially young ladies. Pink is feminine and soft. It takes a lady with a strong personality to be able to pull off this daring colour. When creating a feminine car using pink you should follow strict guidelines to avoid the car looking tacky.

Avoid painting the entire car with this colour. Pink is an overwhelming colour that distracts many people. The main colour should not be pink. The main colour should be black or white. Pink is an overwhelming colour and can be seen clearly as a small detail in the car. You also want to avoid the car looking like something that belongs to a doll.

Don’t paint the mirror covers completely in pink. It is a difficult colour to see on the road. Allow black edging as an outline to other drivers.

The roof of the car can … Read More

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Warning – Do Not Buy Mangosteen Juice Until You Read This Article

Looking to buy mangosteen juice? There are some important things you should know before you buy or purchase mangosteen juice.

1. Easy Ordering Online. You can buy mangosteen juice online through secure ordering sites. Using your credit card from the comfort of your easy chair, you can place an order to buy a case of mangosteen juice with your credit card. The ordering sites are secure, so you do not have to worry about identity theft.

2. Delivery Straight To Your Doorstep. Once your order is placed, the mangosteen juice is delivered straight to your door by UPS. No going to the grocery store to have your car dented in the parking lot. No fighting the lines at the checkout stand. Each case has four bottles that come packed in a Styrofoam case. The juice is also available in small one ounce packages that are great for travel or for … Read More

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Easier Car DVD Players Listings – A Cut Out and Keep FAQ

One of the rarest elements in e-commerce is trust.

Customers will need to have a great deal of trust to hand over money to some stranger they have never seen before in the vain hope of getting what they have paid for. The best way to lay their minds at rest is by giving them information or answering their questions in a way that shows that you know what you’re talking about.

If you are selling car DVD players on line we are here to help. We have provided a useful “cut-out and keep” FAQ file that you can paste onto any automotive DVD listing you may have.

Can the car DVD player fit in my car?

Whether or not this DVD player fits into your car depends on two things, the DIN size of the hole in your dashboard and the depth of your dashboard.

DIN is simply the … Read More

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DollarDays Review – Can Small Businesses Benefit From Dollar Day Products?

Entrepreneurs and owners of small business usually find it difficult to obtain cheap wholesale products. Small retailers usually cannot afford to take advantage of bulk buying which would allow them to avail of big discounts. helps small retailers by offering a wide range of products that are sold by the caseload but are priced by the truckload. offers more than 25,000 products that can be purchased at wholesale prices. Membership is free and you can access the site’s list of products. The products include decorative items, clothes, personal care products, greeting cards, etc. The minimum order is one caseload of a product. Prices are close to those at which large department store chains purchase their products.

Dollar Days helps small business retailers compete with big department stores in terms of price and product choices. The company also helps customers to select quick selling items and those with bigger … Read More

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Jusuru MLM Review – Is Jusuru the Next Monavie?

An unbiased Jusuru MLM Review…

Is Jusuru following the steps to be the next Monavie?

You can make your own judgment after evaluating this article…

Jusuru International is based in Anaheim, California. It is a business that uses Multilevel Marketing to promote and distribute its product. Jusuru is a nutraceutical juice. Jusuru International is owned by Mrs. Asma Ishaq who says, “…we have literally gone all over the world to bring you the best in health and wellness.”

Jusuru – The Product

BioCell Collagen II is the name of one of the main ingredients in the Jusuru Juice. It is what makes it original. It works like Glucosamine. It supports joint and skin health. It has low molecular weight, which means it can easily be absorbed by the body. It also contains Resveratrol, Antioxidants Phytonutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty acids, and Amino Acids.

Jusuru – The Business Plan

Jusuru offers … Read More

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Finding Motivated Sellers the Smart Way!

Hey Fellow Investors,

I know the most important part of our business is finding motivated sellers in order to have a thriving real estate investing career. The key is to maximize your exposure with the least cost to drive motivated sellers to you! So how do I do that? I won’t give you a theory of ideas that may bring in motivated sellers but I’ll give you real life strategies of what I do to drive motivated sellers to call me first and most times only!

I believe in targeted marketing and in order to get your phone ringing of the hook with real motivated sellers, you must target those people. A motivated seller will likely either be forced into selling by an unfortunate economic situation or a decision to simply move on to something else. Of course the most motivated sellers will be forced into a situation to sell … Read More

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The R134a Freon Commodity Game

Buckle up it’s auto refrigerant time again. If you are in the automotive world you know it can be 90 dollars today and 120 dollars next week. That’s why it is a commodity. Back in the day I used to sell pallets and could not believe the price freon was bringing. Car freon is wholesalers can make some money or loose their tale at the end of the year if the freon prices drop even though that rare. Wholesalers would buy tractor trailer purchases to get the best price and usually in December. I sold more refrigerant r134a during december than any other month.

For the automotive shops it’s slightly a different game. The shops would have to buy air conditioning freon in small purchases which was pretty expensive but they are also billing with a mark up to the end user or Johnny on the street. The sad part … Read More

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Is Plastic the New Wonder Material?

These days everything seems to be made of plastic. From toys through lunch boxes, garbage bins, storage crates and drums etc. to Cars. In your car the gas tank is plastic the steering wheel is plastic, the carpet is plastic, there’s even plastic in windows, and front and rear panels.

They say that this is because they work better, but I wonder – are they just trying to economize? I did some research into plastics and came up with a result that surprised me. In most cases plastic wins, it’s not only less costly and more efficient, it’s even better when designed for the job, and using the correct of plastic. (I’m nearly convinced, I’m really a skeptic)

The first thing I found out was that plastics have been around since before WW1 in fact Bakelite dates from around 1907. Even then it was used in cars! Then, like many … Read More

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