The Evolution Of The Baby Crib Over Time

It used to be that the baby crib used to be confined to the nursery and used to be of a few main types. Now however with more sensitive parenting techniques, co-sleeping is becoming more popular and cribs and baby beds are starting to show a greater variety and better incorporation of safety features. And Amish baby furniture – in particular baby cribs have kept pace with this evolving requirement as well as requisite safety features.

Whether the family is of the view that a child must have his or her own separate room or whether they feel that co-sleeping is a better bet, a baby’s crib should be one that is attractive, affordable and above all, safe. If it is to be part of the parents’ bedroom, the crib should ideally match the Amish bedroom furniture that is in the room.

The fact that a baby crib can be a considerable investment, it makes sense to invest in something that will last a child for many years to come, without the child outgrowing it, or without the item falling apart due to constant or rough use. This is where the Amish baby furniture such as the convertible Amish baby cribs come in.

These are versatile and comfortable items of furniture that will expand and change as your child grows and their requirements change – even to the point when they are ready to leave home. Whereas to begin with, for the first couple of years you need a child bed that protects the child from falling and also prevents him from getting out by himself and wandering about, later these requirements will change.

When a child becomes a toddler, and is able to get out of his or her crib it can be dangerous not to move them into a toddler’s bed because there is the apprehension of the child getting hurt as he or she tries to get out. Also as a child gets potty trained he or she should be able to get out of bed by himself or herself in order to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

With a convertible bed, however, the need to get another bed for the toddler is obviated – the same crib that was being used for the small infant will transition easily and effectively into a toddler’s bed.

Convertible cribs also come equipped with the hardware to enable one to convert them into a full sized bed. This will continue to perform its job as a child’s bed as the child grows to a tween, a teen and a fully grown individual!

On the other hand, if one wants, a convertible crib can easily be transformed into a day bed which can be a very useful addition to any child’s room.

Also safety features are taken care of, so that there is no chance of a child’s head getting stuck between the slats, or of a limb getting caught so that the baby can rest easy and so can the parents!