The Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform

The bigger a fleet is the harder it can be to monitor each truck for safety. The Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) is a low cost solution to this problem. You can ensure your fleet’s CSA compliance, reduce cost of operating, and monitor the behavior of your drivers all while sticking to the Qualcomm MCP50 pricing that works for your company. The MCP50 offers useful applications such as hours of service, vehicle inspection reports, in-cab navigation, near real time performance monitoring, and critical event reporting. You also get two-way automated messaging allowing you to contact each driver in an instant.

The Qualcomm MCP50 installation is quick and the 7 inch touch screen is easy to interact with. With the two-way automated messaging drivers are able to receive critical information safely and respond when appropriate. While the vehicle is in motion the driver will receive audible alerts that they have a new message. With the click of a button the driver can listen to the message while continuing to drive safely. If the truck is stopped the driver can read the message and respond through the virtual keyboard. The MCP50 also allows pre-formatted messages for your company to allow drivers minimal typing while replying.

Some applications require the driver to log in. This can be completed through the home screen and also gives the option for team drivers to log in together. Once logged in the driver can set their status to On Duty. If the driver forgets to change their status the Qualcomm MCP50 will automatically put the driver’s status as On Duty as soon as the vehicle is in motion. A log is then created to help ensure all drivers adhere to DOT regulations. Drivers are able to view the number of hours they have remaining by taping the Hours of Service button. Audible and visual alerts will also notify when they are nearing the end of their hours to avoid violations. Logs are able to be viewed and printed as needed.

The FMCSA compliant Vehicle Inspection Reports are date and time stamped, and included the driver and vehicle data. The drivers are also prompted to sign each report with their name and truck number. The MCP50 also prompts trailer inspection which are completed the same as the vehicle inspection. If a Vehicle Inspection Report has not been completed in the past 24 hours the system will alert the driver to complete the inspection when the truck is started. All the inspection information collected can be imported to your maintenance software.

The in-cab navigation provides optional 2D or 3D maps with accurate, truck approved turn by turn directions. Each route can be customized based on route preferences and vehicle specifications. If the vehicle ever goes off course they will immediately be re-routed back to the original route. Drivers will be able to view important POIs such as fuel stops and weigh stations and will also be notified of any potential hazard along the way. The back office integration allows a list of stops to be sent through to the driver. These stops will automatically be ordered to create the most fuel efficient route.

The Qualcomm MCP50 monitors driving behavior in near real time through the vehicle sensors. The Performance Monitoring screen allows drivers to see the information collected, and all collected information is sent directly to the company. Performance data collected includes engine speed, excessive idle time, time in top gear, and time in cruise. The sensors capture data on hard breaking, stability control, lane departure, and forward collision warnings and report this back to dispatch and safety departments. A driver can manually trigger a critical event when necessary. Predetermined thresh holds can be set to automatically trigger a critical event.

The Qualcomm Service Portal provides all the information collected in near real time. With the MCP50 you are able to monitor your entire fleet and know where each truck is 24-7. Instillation is a breeze with the use of the Qualcomm MCP50 manual. Communication with drivers is fast and safe and won’t violate any talk or text bans. Driver’s hours and safe driving habits are easily monitored to ensure safety. FMCSA compliance is made easier with vehicle and trailer inspection alerts. The in-cab navigation will also help improve productivity while reducing fuel costs. The Qualcomm MCP50 puts you in the driver’s seat of your entire fleet no matter how big or small.