These Are the Cheapest Running Cars in Your Area

Photo: Navigator84, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Where I live there is almost no way to buy a car privately and transfer of ownership without using a dealer is challenging because of the amount of laws and paperwork involved. Locally, cars tend to be extremely well cared for and maintained. We don’t get much rain, they don’t salt the roads in the winter and most people just use them for commutes. Because of a 15 year age limit, old cars can go for quite cheap despite the low mileage and overall good condition.

The cheapest I could find is a 2008 BYD F0, it has a 1l engine, manual transmission and only 10,000KM on the odometer. Getting a license plate is near impossible and when someone finally wins the right to a license plate they usually buy a nice car so older cheap cars are virtually unwanted.

This little guy is being sold for 4000RMB which is exactly $600 according to google.

There are quite a few in this price range as well.

These cars are all in Beijing, I’m sure if I searched for a more rural area they would be even cheaper.

It makes me want to buy a boatload of these cheap but clean cars and sell them in the US where broken down POSs are going for way too much.

I have a dream of doing a roadkill type journey next time I get back to the states but junk I find interesting can’t be found for less that $15,000 anymore when a few years ago I could find all sorts of interesting things under $10,000.

Imagine a world where a car with 6,200 miles on it is “older.” Around these parts, that’s basically a new car — or, sometimes, literally sold as new.

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