This still-new 1,224-horsepower Rimac Concept_One is a relative bargain

Croatia-based Rimac wouldn’t be in a position to buy Bugatti if it hadn’t released the Concept_One, its first model. It built eight examples of this electric hypercar, and one is unexpectedly listed for sale in New York City.

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Exotic car specialist and official Rimac dealer Manhattan Motorcars added a Concept_One to its inventory in September 2020. Autoblog learned it has about 112 miles, but it’s a new car that has never been registered. The person who buys it will be the first owner. It’s finished in an elegant combination of Riviera Blue with a Cognac Gold leather interior. There are carbon fiber accents inside and outside. 

We admire the Concept_One’s styling because it’s original. It’s not a Xerox copy of an existing car, yet it manages not to look like a generic supercar from a video game whose creators didn’t want to pay licensing fees. And yet, its claim to fame is under the body. Power comes from a four-motor electric drivetrain that develops 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. Rimac quotes a 2.5-second sprint from zero to 62 mph, and a 220-mph top speed. Alternatively, it delivers up to 210 miles of range when driven with a steady foot.

Rimac built eight examples of the Concept_One, but only seven remain. Top Gear and Grand Tour host Richard Hammond destroyed one in 2017 by accidentally driving it off a mountain road during a hill climb. It landed on its roof and caught fire after narrowly missing a house. He recovered, and the race’s organizers were fined $5,000.

Manhattan Motorcars listed the Concept_One at $1.6 million before taxes and fees. It’s a relative bargain because it’s an exceptionally rare car that also happens to be a significant milestone in Rimac’s history. We don’t think the next owner will lose money on it … assuming it stays shiny side up and in one piece, of course.

If you miss your chance to buy this Concept_One, or if you want an electric car that’s even quicker, you’ll need to wait until Rimac introduces the production version of the C_Two. It was scheduled to make its debut at the canceled 2020 edition of the Geneva auto show, and the company took advantage of this setback to continue fine-tuning the car. Although its final specifications have yet to be announced, the concept that previewed it offered 1,914 horsepower, 1,696 pound-feet of torque, a 1.8-second sprint to 62 mph, and a 258-mph top speed. Oh, and 404 miles of range, thanks in part to a mammoth 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack. 150 units will be built.


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