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The end of the year is a popular time to buy cars, as prices go down to make room for the new year’s models. As 2020 slowly makes its way to 2021, more consumers are preparing to purchase their new vehicle. The car buying process can be overwhelming and difficult. In 2019, new and used car dealers ranked fifth and ninth respectively in complaints to the BBB.

In 2020, both industries have risen to fourth and seventh respectively.

These rising numbers indicate consumers’ increasing need for better dealership experiences.

Your Better Business Bureau offers this advice to make your car buying experience as easy as possible:

• Determine your needs. Before going to the dealership, decide what you are looking for in a car and which model best suits those needs. You should also set a budget and ask which payment option is best for you. That may be financing, leasing or buying in full.

• Do your research. While determining which vehicle best suits you and establishing your budget, visit websites like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to compare prices of different models. This can also inform you of what prices are fair. When choosing which dealership to buy from, view business profiles at to ensure you are working with a trustworthy business.

• Take your time. Remember, a trustworthy dealer will never rush you to make a decision. Discuss financing options and be sure you fully understand what you will be paying each month. Take a test drive in the car you want to buy so you can be sure you will enjoy driving it. Always read contracts thoroughly before signing.

• Keep documentation. Keep all auto records in one place. This includes sale documents, warranty and loan papers, repair orders and any other important documents. This will assist you if you need to sell or even return the vehicle.

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